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Chinese Calendar Months

In the Chinese calendar, 12 symbolic animals are used to indicate months. Each of them controls a certain period of time, approximately equal in duration to a regular calendar month. The order of 12 characters always remains unchanged. The influence of an animal patron extends to all spheres of life, determining the course of events. Knowledge of its individual characteristics allows you to get the most complete picture of what is happening. Using the Chinese calendar, you can comprehensively assess the situation, change some circumstances. If you make timely adjustments to your plans for the month, you will be able to avoid many problems.

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Chinese Calendar Days

According to the chinese calendar, every day passes under the sign of one of the 12 zodiac animals. It is believed that a person takes over many of the qualities of his patron, depending on which his life develops. In addition to analyzing the type of personality and destiny, the secrets of the chinese calendar will help attract luck to your side. Each person, regardless of birthdate, can choose a favorable time for a certain type of work, undertakings and planning. Having studied the nature of the day, it is easy to understand which behavior strategy will be the most successful, in which direction you should direct your efforts.

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