April 24 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 24th of April are believed to be easygoing, strong willed and practical and like all bulls dislike being rushed. The ruling astrological planet that dominates this particular day is Venus adding a sense of style and high creativity to your list of attributes. If you have this birthday a receptive and unselfish humanitarian temperament is bestowed upon you. You will usually have big ambitions and be gifted with plenty of versatile talents to help steer you towards success. Your touch of stubbornness sees you rarely agreeing to something you do not want to do and you often have a low tolerance of noise, chaos or clutter. Individuals with an April the twenty fourth birthday possess a great humor and are extremely loving but sometimes unintentionally a little too blunt in their opinions. You are also inclined to be rather indecisive or overly cautious and this can occasionally hold you back in life and be irritating to others.

April 24 Zodiac Sign - Taurus

Being a Taurus born on April 24th, your personality is characterized by stability and determination. You value security and subsequently, you are always working to maintain it. Once you have made a decision, you stick to it. This is especially true when you are attempting to overcome an obstacle. Highly determined, you seem to tap into a limitless amount of energy to reach your goals. Your family members and friends often marvel at your strong will!

April 24 Birthday Element - Earth

Your sign’s paired element is Earth and in fact, only the Taurus has a fixed relationship with the element. Much like a mountain or large bolder, Earth’s influence allows you to be stable and powerful. Although you may be stubborn at times, this is only a reflection of your grounded and practical nature. Embracing the prudent qualities of Earth will be one of your greatest assets, but be careful not to become overly cautious, as this will cause you to miss out on valuable experiences.

April 24 Ruling Planet - Venus

The Taurus is under the planetary rulership of Venus and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, the influence of Venus is twice as strong within your being. Venus is the planet of harmony, which explains your appreciation of beauty, social warmth and your sense of values. Your unique planetary power makes you the most loving of all the Taurus Decans. To be loved and to give love are amongst your strongest desires. Once you deem a relationship to be worthwhile, you fully commit yourself to it. You display the same faithful qualities in all your dealings. As you appreciate the finer things in life, you have developed exceptional taste. In love, find a partner that shares in your loyalty and need for comfort, as this pairing will bring you the most satisfaction.

April 24 Taurus Personality

A Taurus born on April 24 is a sleek, sophisticated individual with a flair for the good life and a love of glamor. They are also talented, with a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are revealed in the nurturing protective part of your disposition and the expressiveness you display. These qualities and your friendly versatility characterize you as a kind, helpful individual. Your humorous side helps you cope with life’s little ups and downs. Personality weaknesses for those born on April 24th are mostly focused on your noticeable indecisiveness but this can diminish as you mature. Besides indecision you have a tendency to be somewhat moody and this negative behavior can be harder to control as its triggers are not always instantly obvious.

People born on April 24 possess a relaxed temperament and they are usually gentle, peaceful, unless they are provoked, just like most of us would. They are to be found surrounded by many material possessions and enjoy spending time with their numerous friends. They also seek to spend time in a distinctive companionship, mostly by powerful and authoritarian people. They try to stay as far as possible from insecurities and everything that has the slightest bit of air for change. They are patient and understanding most times.

Positive traits: Down to earth, awareness lovers, these people re also kind and caring to all people who win their trust. Taurus people are usually that kind of aspiring people who are not driven by force and power but by an attentive vision on life matters. Those born under this sign are also unfailing as they know that once they embark to do something, they are expected to finish what they start. And they manage to complete their tasks, both at job and in family with a lot of grace and dignity.

Negative traits: One of the things Taurus needs to learn is to stop settling and accepting less than they feel they deserve. Not only they need to begin fighting for what they want but they also need to understand that being self reliant won’t lead them to that satisfying and secure life that they want to live. Those born on this day lack malleability and are quite spiteful as they tend to remember every negative thing anyone has done or said to them. They are sometimes hesitant and easily harmed.

Love & Relationships

For a Taurus, the person born on the twenty fourth day of April is typical in their emotional self sufficiency concerning romance. Although you are enthusiastic about the idea of love in your life you can be fussy about finding the perfect loving partnership and often hesitant to settle down. You are intensely warm and affectionate with an abundance of charm and sociability so are rarely short of friends and admirers. A belief in one true destined soul mate encourages you to seek out or wait for that special someone who you feel you are meant to be with. When committed to a long term personal relationship you tend to aim to always put your other half before yourself. Your independent but expressive emotions make you passionate, sensual and flirtatious. However they can sometimes cause you to be possessive or attention seeking if you are not content.

Lovers born on April 24 are sensual and passionate. These natives seem to prefer to enter a serious relationship than date around and are happier committed to one person with whom they can share everything. They are attracted to creative, enthusiastic and dependable persons whom they can spoil and protect. You can conquer the heart of Taurus if you maintain you individuality and a degree of independence while you keep all your eyes on them but also offer them space. When they are single they don’t seem to mind solitude as they find it easier to delight on the pleasures of life on their own without having to worry about making their partner feel loved and protected.

Remarkably charming and affectionate they sometimes fall in love just for the feeling of it and not for the person near them. Once they find the right person, they will dedicate all their life and everything they have to this relationship and will ask for the same. They are a very kind soul and this won’t remain unnoticed by the important persons in their life. They will lead a great inner home happiness governed by domestic responsibility and good judgment. They are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 24th and 27th.

April 24 Zodiac people seem to be most attracted to the other earth signs: Virgo and Capricorn as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Taurus is in a permanent search for someone to keep them active and interested and the most suitable to offer them this is the native born under Scorpio. The lover in Taurus is said to be least compatible with Aries. As for the rest of partnerships between the other star signs and Taurus, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

Top job choices to a person born on the twenty fourth of April are usually those that allow you to utilize your artistic flair. You are not a fan of mundane tasks and require a career offering variety and the opportunity to advance to higher positions. You are willing to sacrifice higher pay for work that offers challenges and a sense of pride. Imparting information and useful advice is another of your strong points and attracts you to service type occupations. A sensible approach to your finances means that you are unlikely to encounter many problems controlling household and personal budgets.

Health & Wellness

Ill health experienced by those born on April 24th is every so often a consequence of stress build up. You are usually especially prone to taking on the worries of others as well as your own leading to a rise in anxiety levels. Learning to not take on too much responsibility and say No more frequently should help. You are ordinarily seen at your healthiest when emotionally contented. People born on this day can be particularly interested in the cooking and eating of fine foods. If you are tempted to overindulge your vanity usually kicks in and prompts you to do some extra exercise to burn off excess calories.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 24th of April makes you naturally energetic and high-spirited with lots of determination to get the most out of life. You have a fairly patient nature full of practicality in addition to being very determined and this assists you to be thorough and careful in all you attempt. The majority of your professional goals and lifestyle dreams are likely to have been formulated from ideals and ideas formed in childhood. You like to make plans for the future but you are prepared to amend or change personal objectives and directions if a situation necessitates it, or for someone you love.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the twenty fourth day of the month the two and four in your birth date award you a Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword "Social" spotlighting your overall friendliness and receptiveness. In Tarot the 6th card picturing the Lovers in the Major Arcana is closely linked to your birthday. This is a symbol of the probable sentimentality and hesitation within your actions and thoughts. The lucky gemstone for April the twenty fourth birthdays is Turquoise and is imagined favorable for dispelling negativity and promoting tranquility and prosperity.

Summation for Taurus born on April 24

The personalities of a Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, are assumed to be astrologically influenced by the planet Venus. The actual day you were born on, the twenty fourth of April is cosmically governed by the same celestial body intensifying the expressivity of your characteristics. Your stylish yet down to earth outlook presents you as confident, capable, fair and kindly but not at all egotistical. Your liveliness and motivation ensure you are hardly ever without something to or someone to see. A ponderable pertinent ending thought for those born on April the 24th applies to your verbal expressions. Do not feel obliged to have to express your views on everything as some things are best left unsaid.

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April 24 Birthday Horoscope
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