August 9 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 9th of August are believed to be very generous and receptive with the typical Lion idealistic view of the world. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars escalating your levels of natural curiosity and giving you lots of energy and determination. If you have this birthday your broadminded and tolerant nature has an intense thirst for knowledge but also a tendency to inadvertently repeat yourself. Dignified and quite resilient you tend to welcome challenges as chances to prove and boost your ego. Individuals with an August the ninth birthday are often rather idealistic and can be a bit pushy in their manner but are generally incredibly sincere and compassionate emotionally too. You will tend to value your privacy and be prone to moodiness if not allowed it. Your artistic streak gives you a fondness for music and art while trust in your instinctiveness serves you well in life.

August 9 Zodiac Sign - Leo

As a Leo born on August 9th, you are characterized by your upbeat, positive and humorous personality. You’re a very social persona and find it irresistible to grab center stage and entertain your friends, family or peers. There are few that don’t appreciate your comedic charms and there are even fewer that don’t appreciate your optimism. Your friends and family are often inspired by your ability to take the positives from any situation.

August 9 Birthday Element - Fire

Your sign’s paired element is fire and as Leo, you actually have the most fundamental connection with the element of all the 12 zodiac signs. Fire’s influence can be witnessed in the energy and passion that burns deep inside you. You are rarely deterred from reaching your goals, as you seem to only become more focused when challenges are placed in front of you. These qualities of fire will go far to assist you in life, but be aware of fire’s negative influences, which include impatience, egotism, and impulsiveness.

August 9 Ruling Planet - Sun

The Sun is your sign’s planetary ruler, but because you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you also experience the influence of the planet Jupiter. While the Sun is connected to your natural creativity and individualistic impulses, it is Jupiter that is connected to your inherent generosity and optimism. Your unique planetary influence combines to make you the most positive and knowledge driven of all the Leo Decans. Use these influence to continue to learn from every experience and to take the best from all situations. You will be shocked to find how much fortune will come your way as a result of your positive outlook.

August 9 Leo Personality

These strong-minded Leos, born on August 9, have the grit and ability to come back from difficult circumstances. They have a basic need to be challenged because it helps them to prove themselves on all levels of existence. They have great personal dignity and carry themselves in a royal fashion.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are portrayed in your receptiveness, generosity and tolerance. These fine qualities make you usually altruistic in your approach and attitude and incredibly thoughtful and kind. Your sincerity, resilience and keenness to constantly discover and learn something new are supplementary fortes that add to your overall appeal. Personality weaknesses for those born on August 9th frequently break through when provoked by low mood induced by lack of nutrition or rest. These negative traits include a righteous bossy manner and a proneness to reiterate excessively.

People born on August 9 benefit from being driven, convincing and even romantic. Just like a true Leo, they are direct and brave when faced with any life matter. They love to win at everything, whether it is a competition or simply the achievement of a simple task. They dislike coward people and can’t stand to lose anything. Those born under this sign enjoy situations where they can control and lead everything.

Positive traits: These natives are revolutionary and avant-garde and make some of the best visionaries of times. They are the men of action of the future and when this couples with a bit of impulse and kind heart they tend to help others be more assured and overcome their fears. They are known to be emotionally forceful and they rarely show their deficiencies.

Negative traits: Acknowledging that they can’t behave all possessive and vain is the way to go for these natives who are too controlling and too inflexible. They want to have it their way but they need to learn that compromise would often do them more good then the perpetual stubbornness they are displaying when other people are trying to get a bit of the spotlight that is always on them. They can exaggerate certain things just for the sake of the argument.

Love & Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the ninth day of August is typically deeply affectionate and committed to loved ones. You are usually be a bit of a perfectionist concerning romance and intimate emotional involvements viewing a loving relationship as a considerable key to personal happiness and security. If things are not going well in your love partnership your emotions can become ruffled producing restless, unpredictable and moody behavior. You are often close to, protective of and enthusiastic about family and traditions making you highly likely to choose a partner with the same view. Intensely loyal, supportive and devoted to a soul mate you are also subtle and seductive in the bedroom. Your natural intuitiveness acts as a great guide to knowing what a partner wants or needs to feel desired and how they are feeling on a daily basis.

Lovers born on August 9 are passionate and sensual. They like to take time and invest both emotionally and materially in the dating ritual. They are attracted to exciting and adventurous persons who are also very ambitious and can keep up with them. You can conquer the heart of Leo if you know how to balance the moments when you recognize their merits and celebrate them for who they are with the moments where you temper their risky impulses.

Their love life is rather hectic and unpredictable because they tend to be in and out of love quite easy and for no particular reason. They find it hard to connect to a deeper level with one person. For them, relationships and settling will probably be a complex matter but once they decide to have their own family they will turn out to be very protective and patient. They are most compatible with those born on the 3th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 21th, 23th, 24th and 31st.

August 9 Zodiac people are very attracted to the other fire signs: Aries and Sagittarius as they tend to share the same vision of life. In life, Leo is constantly seeking for a curious and passionate partner who can expand their horizon and the most suitable to offer this is the native from Aquarius. Leo is thought to be least compatible with Cancer. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Leo, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

Contemplating a wide range of work options is often easy to a person born on the ninth of August due to your versatility and creativity. Your idealism ordinarily directs you to aim high and be attracted to highly skilled and paid jobs. The plentiful ambition and integrity you possess along with your managerial abilities grant you the potential to progress far in a chosen occupation. As pay is commonly an important motivator you are usually prepared to work tirelessly to secure a good financial future. Saving regularly is something you usually begin early in childhood and continue into adulthood.

Health & Wellness

On occasion, periods of illness experienced by those born on August 9th could be caused by a slight neglect of your well being. You are likely to commonly show more concern for the physical healthiness of others rather than your own. Following the sensible advice you give everyone else about taking care of themselves should prove advantageous. Despite your disinterest in personal health you will usually be careful what you eat and seem to enjoy expelling your plentiful energy with competitive sporty activities. People born on this day may require reminders to attend medical or dental check ups.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 9th of August grants you the inclination to adopt an honest adherence to your moral principles when achieving goals. Your enjoyment of a challenge gives you all the motivation needed to succeed in all you attempt. You do not normally let obstacles of any kind stand in your way and you will rarely abandon something you really hope to achieve. Finding alternative methods to actualize your yearned for ambitions is not usually a problem. Dreams can be additional motivating elements that can help you visualize what you wish to accomplish and where you want to go in life.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the ninth day of the month your birth date is designated a special Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword "Seeker" emphasizing your inquisitiveness and strong desire to continually expand your intellect and understanding. In the Major Arcana the 9th Tarot card picturing the Hermit is associated with your birthday. This symbol reminds you to acknowledge the wisdom you possess and to trust in your instincts more. The lucky gem for August the ninth birthdays is a Bloodstone, wear it for added courage, harmony and emotional contentment.

Summation for Leo born on August 9

The typified probabilities of Leo personalities are imagined to be greatly influenced astrologically by our Sun. The actual day you were born on, the ninth of August is governed by the plant Mars’s influence. This specific combination of planetary influences are assumed to be the main authorities in determining your uniqueness from others with your zodiac sign. Your open curious mind, compassion and energetic deportment allow you to get the most out of life. Your honorable upright character and unselfish outlook reflect the purposefulness and noble principles you have. If you can attempt to better regulate your diet and ensure you get enough resting time it should help decrease the occurence of your weaker mannerisms. In conclusion a final thought for people born on August the 9th is to try and listen more and remember to choose your words wisely if you wish to be able to take advantage of any presented opportunities.

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August 9 Birthday Horoscope
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