January 6 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 6th of January are usually more emotionally sensitive and philosophical than their typified Capricorn Goat sign. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus influencing a person to be tough on the outside and tender on the inside. If you have this birthday you present yourself as strong, ambitious and practical, with a giving, compassionate nature. You are creative and like to express this in your home and in some of your thoughts and ideas. Individuals with a January the Sixth birthday are peaceful people who hate any kind of disagreement and will refuse to get involved in gossip or petty squabbles. As you are quite perceptive and kind you tend to often offer your help to others. You should take care not to allow yourself to be taken for granted. You can also have a tendency to put on a brave face when disappointed rather than showing it.

January 6 Zodiac Sign - Capricorn

As a Capricorn born on January 6th, you are defined by your sociable, charming and hardworking nature. You love social settings, which is perfect because people just seem to gravitate to you. You have gained numerous friends based solely on your warmth and wit. It is this charm that makes you such a highly sought after companion. While your friends and family appreciate your charms, that admire your notable work ethic. You would be surprised to know that others are inspired by your ability to always get the job done.

January 6 Birthday Element - Earth

Earth is your sign’s paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only cardinal connection with the element. Your fundamental connection to Earth makes you more active and a more likely self-starter than the other earth zodiac signs. Earth’s influence over your personality is reflected in your grounded and practical nature. You much rather be pursuing a realistic goal than wasting time in the realms of fantasy. At times, you may be cautious to a fault, but as long as you embrace your earthly prudence you will continue on a path to success.

January 6 Ruling Planet - Saturn

Saturn is the Capricorn’s planetary ruler, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are subject to the mysterious power of Venus also. Being the planet of control, Saturn’s influence is linked to your disciplined and responsible qualities. Venus’s influence is tied to harmony, which explains for your social and cooperative qualities. Your unique combination of planetary influence makes you more creative and social than the other Capricorn Decans. In fact, your creativity may be your greatest strengths. In all matters of your life, you can solve any problem with your quick mind. In love, you are just as determined and devoted. You may suffer from bouts of pessimism however, so try to stay positive to avoid any negative or depressed moods.

January 6 Capricorn Personality

Capricorns born on January 6 are different from most Capricorn natives - they are uninhibited, socially and personally. They express their nature through action. They refuse to be bound by conventional rules, though they have a sense of decorum that lets them be rebellious in the most courteous way. Though charming, they make their own rules.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are your loyalty and reliability regarding anything you have promised yourself or others. Your understanding and accepting personality along with your devotion make you the perfect partner, parent or friend. You think deeply about everything and respond with great sensitivity. However you do have a few weaknesses among your characteristics that see you occasionally being naive or unrealistic in your actions or thoughts. These occasional slips in the otherwise likeable character of those born on January 6th usually occur when you are tired or upset.

People born on January 6 are caring and altruistic but also very motivated in succeeding through their own forces. They enjoy journeying and try to discover as many things as possible about the world surrounding us. They try to avoid deceit both from their part and that of those around them and are never disconcerted more by something than when they discover some kind of treason. They are pragmatic beings and are mostly attracted by such projects.

Positive traits: These natives are pragmatic and poised and tackle most settings with patience and hard work. They are also very resourceful and put a great price on their education so this is why they are so aware with the things they have learned about. They are circumspect when it comes to risk but also agitated when they want to achieve something.

Negative traits: One of the things Capricorn needs to learn is to not miss great opportunities just because they are being so circumspect and reticent to novelty. Those born on this day are sometimes narrow minded and resistant to transformation. They are also prone to violent mood transformations if things begin being unpredictable and hard to manage.

Love & Relationships

As you are less guarded and more open with your emotions than most Capricorns you greatly value the companionship of others. The person born on the sixth day of January does not like being alone and is likely to settle down early. You enjoy taking the lead in a relationship and the influence of Venus makes you a romantic and affectionate partner. You will seek a soul mate that shares and understands your priorities, aspirations and need to maintain a harmonious balance between home and work. Although you are not very demonstrative with your affections in public you often more than make up for it when you get privacy as a couple. You may place a lot of importance on anniversaries marking the milestones in your personal partnerships. In long term relationships you will be totally devoted and take commitment seriously.

Lovers born on January 6 are reliable and romantic. They are attracted to energetic people who can be as dependable as they are. When they decide to commit they do it for a lifetime. They are attracted to intelligent and trustworthy persons whom can offer the same degree of reliability as them. You can conquer the heart of Capricorn by being an honest and supportive partner. This single native is focused on the other aspects of life and is never in a rush to commit if he/she doesn’t feel its right.

Their love affairs grow from strong friendships. They need time to know the person likely to stay beside them and although they are not usually a passionate lover their loyalty and honesty compensate. They are very kind souls and this won’t remain unnoticed by the important persons around them in life. They will lead a great inner home happiness governed by domestic responsibility and good judgment. They are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 24th and 27th.

January 6 Zodiac people are most attached to the other two earth signs: Taurus and Virgo as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Capricorn is in a constant search for an attractive and creative companion who can enrich their life and the best to offer them this is the native in Cancer. The least compatible with people born on January 6 are those born under Sagittarius. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Capricorn, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

Work choice is an important consideration for a person born on the sixth of January as they are inclined to be somewhat financially motivated. You have a love of luxurious things so will usually aim towards securing an occupation or self employment that pays highly. Despite this, you are not overly avaricious regarding finances. You are prepared to put in years of study and hard work to secure the salary you need to satisfy your expensive tastes. Individuals with this particular birth date should possess good money managing skills and are generally able to easily spot cash making opportunities.

Health & Wellness

In relation to health those born on January 6th are normally able to retain their healthy constitution if they practice moderation. Your energy levels are prone to fluctuations so you should ensure that you eat a balanced diet and avoid sugar laden snacks. You should also make sure that you get enough beauty sleep to prevent a sluggish feeling or a dull complexion. One of the best ways you can help your physical and mental well being is to try not to be so self sacrificing. You tend to neglect yourself sometimes in favor of the welfare of others leaving you open to bouts of low mood.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 6th of January gives you a strong desire to live life to the full and have as much fun as possible. One of your dreams is to stay young forever and so you will usually have a youthful outlook that lasts well into middle age. While you are serious in your approach to life you appreciate that people, including yourself, need regular breaks from monotonous routines. Your most wished for goal in life is for appreciation of your kindness and for the stability and security of a family setting. Whatever personal directions you go in will be connected to and focused on this aim.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the sixth day of the month your date of birth has a Root number of Six. Your birthday reference number has the keyword "Social" attached to it and this emphasizes your wish for a secure happy emotional and financial environment. The Tarot card linked to your birthday is the 6th card in the Major Arcana The Lovers. This is seen as a symbol of masculine and feminine and of sacrifices made for love, it highlights your longing for attachment. January the sixth birthdays have the lucky gemstone association of Turquoise attracting positive energy vibes and good fortune.

Summation for Capricorn born on January 6

Saturn is believed to be the planet astrologically influential in determining the traits and behaviors of a Capricorn. The actual day you were born on, the sixth of January, is celestially ruled by the planet Venus. This makes Saturn and Venus the primary influences deciding your uniqueness and probable way of thinking. Your loyal, reliable, optimistic and thoughtful attitude are your best assets and utilizing them will bring you an abundance of self esteem and satisfaction. If you can beat your reluctance to display or voice your disappointment you will reduce stress levels. For people born on January the 6th a final concluding thought is to devote your time equally and put yourself first sometimes.

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January 6 Birthday Horoscope
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