July 28 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 28th of July are believed to be pioneering, self assured, responsible and like most Lions motivated by challenge and adventure. The planet with astrological dominance ruling this particular day is our Sun, also the ruler of your zodiac sign. If you have this birthday your thought is very independent and you will dislike being told what to do despite your own bossiness. Full of passion and vitality your inventive mind is a bit idealistic and may be rather melodramatic too. Fun loving, open and immensely generous you can also be demanding of attention and emotionally exhausting at times due to your pronounced need to be appreciated. Individuals with a July the twenty eighth birthday usually possess a strong competitive streak and an underlying fiery spirit that drives them to succeed. Your ego can sometimes get in the way of your empathy towards others nevertheless you aim to always fulfill obligations.

July 28 Zodiac Sign - Leo

As a Leo born on July 28th, your personality is characterized by confidence, outgoingness and independence. While others lean on family and friends for support, you rarely rely on anyone but yourself. You are energized by the outside world and love being the center of attention when in a group. Others are receptive to your loving and warm personality, which makes it easier for them to accept the way you naturally take the lead in situations.

July 28 Birthday Element - Fire

Fire is your sign’s paired element and your relationship with the element is the most cardinal of all the zodiac signs. The unbridled heat of fire can be reflected in many aspects of your personality. You take on new tasks and challenges with passion, will and enthusiasm. Your dedication to getting the job done often goes unmatched. At times you may be guilty of fueling your own ego to the point of arrogance, but when this habit is checked, the influence of fire is one of the greatest contributors to your success.

July 28 Ruling Planet - Sun

The Sun is your sign’s planetary ruler and as you are born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign you have twice the Sun’s influence. In the most simple definition, the Sun is the planet of creativity, will-power, self-awareness and individuality. More than any other Leo, the Sun’s influence makes you very independent and driven. Though you may have several insecurities, you hide them well, which is why you are perceived to be such a confident person. Your drive may venture into the realm of overbearingness or domination at time, so be aware of how your personality may come off to others.

July 28 Leo Personality

Haughty yet lovable, Leos born on July 28 possess a personal code of ethics and a strong belief system. They have a great need to win and often hide their emotional vulnerability behind this showy aspect of their personality. They are likely to receive their greatest satisfaction in life when spiritual aims supersede materialistic ones.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are mostly apparent in your positiveness, confidence and independence. These specific fortes help emphasize the resourceful dynamic side to your personality. In addition to these positives your openness, generosity and sense of responsibility make you lovely to know and work alongside. Recognizable personality weaknesses for those born on July 28th appear to focus on your tendencies to be sometimes self centered and absorbed. On these occasions you are especially likely to be insensitive in your remarks and succumb to bouts of moodiness.

People born on July 28 are disciplined and enduring and they try to instill the same values to those around them. For this they need to feel in the center of scrutiny, otherwise they seem to loose their reason. They hate nothing more than people who act in an easily intimidated manner and appreciate when others prove they have fair play, because they are usually the ones to win challenges or similar enterprises.

Positive traits: The natives in this sign are self motivated and honest but don’t always show others what is behind that shield of confidence they always carry. They are sociable up to a point and they try not to waste time that could be used more productively. They are broad minded and prefer to work with different scenarios.

Negative traits: Learning to stop being so controlling and domineering and let people express themselves is one thing Leo needs to do. Those born on this day are fixed and arrogant as they seem to believe they are the only ones capable of delivering great ideas and decisions. They are sometimes proud and vain for no particular reason. They also tend to be possessive and controlling with people they care about and this can only mean they foolishly deteriorate their relationships.

Love & Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the twenty eighth day of July is typically a lover of pampering with a dreamy outlook concerning romance. Your affable social nature may be a tad egotistical but you are naturally caring, thoughtful and loyal. Preserving your dignity is as important to you as loyalty and any kind of betrayal in love affairs is deeply hurtful. This and your requirement for plenty of emotional support from a partner mean that another Leo could be a perfect soul mate. A proneness to get jealous once in a while and a preference to lead in a relationship can occasionally create domestic disharmony. Spontaneous, imaginative and curious your adventuresome disposition makes a partnership with you rarely dull. Between the sheets you are highly sexed and playfully seductive with a liking for acting out your fantasies.

Lovers born on July 28 are passionate and sensual. They like to take time and invest both emotionally and materially in the dating ritual. They are attracted to exciting and adventurous persons who are also very ambitious and can keep up with them. You can conquer the heart of Leo if you know how to balance the moments when you recognize their merits and celebrate them for who they are with the moments where you temper their risky impulses.

They believe in love at first sight and don’t need much time to get attached to someone. They are persons of extremes in love and sometimes this attitude will have them prone to disappointment. They are used to intensely live every aspect of their life and their relationships are no exception. They are likely to fall in love at a young age as they are attractive and positive persons. Concerning their family life they will marry when they are completely ready and they will probably be cool parents if they choose to have a one big family. They are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

July 28 Zodiac people are most attached to the other two fire signs: Aries and Sagittarius as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Leo is in a constant search for an active and visionary partner to expand their horizon and the best to offer this is the native in Aquarius. The least compatible with people born on July 28 are those born under Cancer. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Leo, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

Career choices to a person born on the twenty eighth of July are ordinarily based on your keenness to push your intelligence to its limits. This eagerness is coupled with a feisty desire to compete allowing you to do well and stay ahead in your chosen profession. An ideal job should be varied, stimulating and challenging as well as providing an income that generously reflects your efforts. You are generally fairly cautious with the management of finances and so likely to only consider low risk investments. Good fortune and financial gain is promised regarding any property purchases.

Health & Wellness

The healthy glow frequently experienced by those born on July 28th is often assisted by your usual concern for your physical appearance. This ego based motivation encourages you to want to keep fit and to take care to carefully monitor your diet. You have the inclination to gravitate towards moderately paced exercise routines and this seems to counteract any occasional overindulgences in your favorite foods. People born on this day could find the advice of others difficult but should contemplate it every now and then as talking about and sharing anxieties is usually beneficial to overall health.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 28th of July bestows you with innovative thought and a yearning to attempt to do things before others. A lifelong learner you are inclined to gain required knowledge to achieve goals by utilizing educational methods and take your time to ensure you will get it right first time. Most of you are ambitious enough to want to make your mark in history in some way. When your imagination and curiosity go into overdrive once in a while they can dictate the themes of your dreams. This can include dreaming about emotion quandaries or desired plans for a bright future.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the twenty eighth day of the month your birth date numbers add up and reduce to a Root number of One. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword "Drive" in association with your self assurance and admirable determination to accomplish things. The 1st Tarot card in the Major Arcana characterizing the Magician is linked to your birthday. This represents your skill, logic and intellect and the way you put mind, body, heart and soul into everything you do. The lucky protective gemstone to be worn for July the twenty eighth birthdays is a rich red Ruby for balance and happiness.

Summation for Leo born on July 28

The Sun is astrologically singly predominant in determining both the probabilities of your personality and that of all Leo’s. This is because the actual day you were born on, the twenty eighth of July is also governed by the Sun’s authority. Thus your probable traits and behaviors are imagined to be primarily influenced by this planet. Your free spirited idealism and positivity lets you stand out in a crowd and be noticed. Your wishes for stimulation and variety accompanied by your willingness to execute responsibilities help you pack lots into a day and be unlikely to be ever bored. If you are able to look beyond your individualized views and needs it should prove insightful in your ability to understand others better. A final surmising thought for people born on July the 28th is that giving unconditionally and other acts of kindness often acquire you the most satisfaction.

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