July 3 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 3rd of July are imagined to be cheerful, easygoing, determined and not usually as shy as most crabs. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter bestowing you with great taste and an enjoyment of the good things in life. If you have this birthday your temperament is likely to be very warm, expressive and compassionate with a genuine concern for others. Highly creative, curious and forward looking you are destined to be guided by intuitive and analytical thought. You are often unwilling to compromise on your strongest views yet flexible on most things due to your sincerity and tendency to try and stick to promises. Individuals with a July the third birthday are ordinarily rather sensitive and empathic but also quite sociable and sometimes a bit of a flirt. Intensely observant and philosophical you usually have something to say about everything and this can sometimes be mistaken for nosiness.

July 3 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Being a Cancer born on July 3rd, you are most comfortable in the realm of emotions. While others struggle to understand the feelings of others, you’ve always been able to sense the thoughts and emotions of others. Slightly private in nature, you are comfortable with your feelings but unlikely to be open. Your mysterious nature is so prominent, that there are times when even close family members struggle to understand you.

July 3 Birthday Element - Water

Water is your paired element, and as a Cancer you have the most fundamental relationship with water. While many people are unfamiliar with their feelings, you ride waves of emotion with familiarity. It’s your understanding that creates your large capacity for sympathy and compassion. You will continue to grow emotionally as you embrace the positive qualities of water. However, be aware of becoming "lost at sea", as it will lead to moodiness and oversensitivity.

July 3 Ruling Planet - Moon

The Moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, but because you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also met with the influence of Pluto. The moon ties into your intuitive, almost psychic like, mastering of emotions, while Pluto fuels your inclination towards power and mystery. It is this combination that creates your unique personality, but it also creates a confusing struggle between your mind and your heart. Your happiness lies in a secure, loving relationship, where respect and loyalty are in abundance. Avoid your jealous tendencies to insure long-lasting relationships.

July 3 Cancer Personality

Though they may seem conventional on the surface, July 3 Cancers have a deeply mystical nature. At once eccentric and blessed with exceptionally good taste, they enjoy living the good life but never lose sight of their spiritual concerns. They always seem able to balance their material and more esoteric needs.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are most evident in the large amounts of observancy, cheeriness and determination you possess. These qualities are perfect accompaniments for your understanding compassion, flexibility and truthfulness allowing you to get along famously with almost everyone. Noticeable personality weaknesses for those born on July 3rd are mainly concentrated on your all knowing nosy side. Negative tendencies stemming from this weakness include becoming over critical or acting uncharacteristically with withdrawn, mardy or erratic behaviors. Feeling sorry for yourself is often a trigger.

People born on July 3 have a high instinct and are also very connected with their feelings. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that they control them but they are often aware of what they are feeling and what ticks with them or not. They are attracted by artistic and courageous enterprises although they often choose the easy road of convenience and familiarity because they don’t have enough sureness in their own forces.

Positive traits: The natives in this sign put on their sensitive glasses on when it comes to discovering the world they live in and this offers them their unique vision of things. They are attentive, steadfast and artistic and imposing of that. They are surprisingly active and watchful and are great at organizing all kinds of things.

Negative traits: Acknowledging that they damage their life through their fears and that they cannot say they live life at its fullest just in their dreams is a good start for Cancers to balance things. They are manipulative and often react in contradictory ways. They refuse to let go of the past and are often hunted by it for periods and periods of time. They are overly sensitive and seem to put a lot of pressure on those around them with their insecurities.

Love & Relationships

For a Cancer, the person born on the third day of July is typically friendly and open to the emotions of love but also greatly value their personal autonomy and privacy. Fun loving and flirtatious you adore partying but also instinctively crave the stability of a permanent romance and this is one of your greatest emotional requirements. Although fairly rational it is common for you to follow your heart above your head when seeking the warmth, trust, respect and lifetime company of a soul mate. You tend to favor expressing your sexual desires verbally and are not afraid to talk about your feelings or insecurities. A partner who is capable of quickly picking up these signals attached to your libido and coax you to relax. Your mix of seductive sensitivity and natural curiosity encourages you to be both adventurous and spontaneous between the sheets.

Lovers born on July 3 are extremely romantic and passionate. They are also the most protective lovers from the whole zodiac once their own security and stability needs are fulfilled. They have an extra quality in love, they are highly intuitive and usually follow their gut so they are rarely wrong in their choices. They are attracted to creative and imaginative people. You can conquer the heart of Cancer if you know how to offer the support and protection they need and love them unconditionally.

They are likely to surprise everyone around them with the passionate love they are capable of if they come across someone that will truly awake their interest. Otherwise they are aware of their attractiveness and this leads them to a tumultuous love life. A creative person and a freedom lover, once decided to settle will invest all their attention in their family and they will probably have brilliant children. Some struggle, trial and error will govern parts of their love life but in the end everything will be worth it. They are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

July 3 Zodiac people are very attracted to the other water signs: Scorpio and Pisces as they tend to share the same vision of life. In life, Cancer is constantly seeking for someone who can understand their moody nature and the most suitable to offer them this is the native from Virgo. Cancer is thought to be least compatible with Aquarius. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Cancer, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

The most preferred career choices to a person born on the third of July may depend on the position offering the best combination of variety, satisfaction, purpose and pay. You are prepared to study hard in order to be able to learn or improve upon specialized skills required to apply for your ideal job. A humanitarian outlook and your naturally caring nature direct you to frequently choose work that is of assistance to the welfare of others. You can be fussy about financial matters and prefer to keep them private making you usually extra cautious in trusting anyone else with your finances.

Health & Wellness

Symptoms of illness experienced by those born on July 3rd are often quick to surface as a consequence of your proneness to take inadequate care of health. If your lifestyle is a little disorganized you can overlook the basics of staying healthy especially regarding nutritional and exercise concerns. People born on this day should benefit a lot from any sort of team sport to help release nervous energies and discourage unwanted weight gain. Emotional support from loved ones is important to your well being.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 3rd of July means you have a touch of idealism in addition to a fondness of bringing joy and happiness to others. This idealistic view can cause you to regularly change your personal priorities and goals to accommodate current circumstances. You are often prepared to put your own desired aspirations aside if the opportunity to assist others achieve something worthwhile is presented. You have a passion for luxuries and sharing good fortune and will on occasion find that these are features in your dreams. Other yearnings are for the chance to see a few different parts of the world.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the third day of the month your birth date gives you an associated Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword "Innovation" referring to your highly inquisitive disposition, sharp intuition and carefree sense of adventure. The 3rd Major Arcana card in a Tarot deck representing the Empress is linked to your birthday. This is a symbol of your search for perfection and it highlights your charm, intelligence and creativity. The lucky gemstone for July the third birthdays is an Amethyst, wear one for calmness, positivity and the dispelling of negativity.

Summation for Cancer born on July 3

All the probable traits of Cancer personalities are assumed to be influenced astrologically by the Moon’s authority. The actual day you were born on, the third of July is governed in astrology by Jupiter’s presence explaining your similarities and subtle recognizable differences from your zodiac sign counterparts.The combined influences of these 2 planets appear to decide the probabilities of the uniqueness of your behavioral manner and likely ways of thinking in specific situations. Your warmth and expressiveness make you popular and add to your overall high degrees of empathy. Your chatty interesting firm opinions and fairly optimistic outlook help you be knowledgeable with modern ideas and a futuristic focus. Conquering your occasional pronenesses for self pity and mardiness should prove advantageous. An ending thought for people born on July the 3rd is to try to take part in things instead of just observing them. If you contemplate doing so once in a while it could be very enlightening and most enjoyable.

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July 3 Birthday Horoscope
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