July 9 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 9th of July are believed to be instinctively compassionate and helpful with the usual Cancerian emotion sensitivity. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mars making you open-minded and decisive with a tendency to learn best by experience. If you have this birthday you are highly ambitious and talented yet often remain happy with or without the need for materialistic possessions. Usually sociable and charming you tend to make friends easily and have a great sense of humor and are good at assessing the thoughts of others. Intensely curious and imaginative you are likely to have strong views and not be afraid to be truthful and speak your mind. Individuals with a July the ninth birthday are naturally observant and receptive with an idealistic but fair outlook on life but dislike being told what to do. Your strong streak of independence and sharp intuition direct you to ordinarily aim high and optimistically look forward.

July 9 Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Being a Cancer born on July 9th, you are masterfully in-touch with your feelings, as well as those of others, which makes you both sympathetic and compassionate. Although you are comfortable with your own emotions as well, you are far from an open book. You are ruled by the inclination to mostly keep your feelings private and secretive. It is this mysterious nature that often frustrates even your closest friends as they struggle to understand you.

July 9 Birthday Element - Water

Water is the element paired with your sign and in fact, you have the more fundamental relationship with water than any other sign. It is the forceful nature of water that causes you to experience emotions with strong waves that you ride with understanding. Likewise, you can sense even the most subtle ripples of emotions in others. As you embrace the positive qualities of water, you will grow as a sympathetic and compassionate individual. Be weary of the negative influence of becoming overly influenced by water, as you run the risk of becoming emotionally unstable.

July 9 Ruling Planet - Moon

The moon is your sign’s planetary ruler, but because you are born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also influenced by the planetary influence of Pluto. The sensitive and intuitive influence of the moon is partnered with the power and control driven influence of Pluto. It is this unique influence that allows you to be less emotional than Cancer’s of the other two Decans. While the internal struggle may be severe, you often choose to let pragmatism overrule your emotions, which may explain for your secretive nature. You are much more open in loving, close relationships where your need for security is satisfied. Your planetary influence can cause a significant amount of jealousy to branch from your close relationships, so take care to avoid its damaging effects.

July 9 Cancer Personality

Although July 9 Cancers are extremely ambitious, they’re likely to experience a period in their lives when their greatest talents are subjugated to the daily needs of making a living. They are great role models. They have the ability to be happy with few material possessions.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are seen in your inquisitiveness, sociability, compassion and tactful bluntness. These favorable characteristics are perfect accompaniments to your charm, optimism and independent stance. Your admirable combination of fortes and your humorous temperament can help carry you far in life. The two most recognizable personality weaknesses for those born on July 9th are centered around your tendencies to be overly messy or clingy. The appearance of these negative traits are sometimes a consequence of fatigue, boredom, worry or some form of emotional upset or frustration.

People born on July 9 are as transformable as the Moon and we all know how rapidly Moon phases transformation. They are also very conscious and artistic. Just like a true Cancer, they have a born need for security that once fulfilled they become the most watchful and precise being for the people around them. They enjoy staying at home and the occasion to peep in the lives of others. They dislike being mocked and entering into controversies. Those born under this sign like to spend time in familiar company if possible somewhere around water.

Positive traits: These natives have a great memory and are great listeners so don’t be surprised if they store a lot of memories in those witty heads of them. They are protective with those around them and genuinely curious but they also maintain a cautious distance from things that seem to risky. They are sensible but also have leader like qualities and all they need is someone to fortify their self confidence to unravel them.

Negative traits: These natives are manipulative and behave in a contradictory way just to achieve what they want. They are thick skinned but love to play the victim so it is not too much time until they start behaving like a drama queen whenever they don’t agree with something. They are also dwelling in the past and this creates both a lot of frustration and depression in their lives but their biggest fault in this regard is that they are partially aware of this and refuse to take any measures.

Love & Relationships

For a Cancer, the person born on the ninth day of July is typically rather affectionate natured and sensitive concerning affairs of the heart. You may be initially quite hesitant regarding a long term love commitment despite normally thriving in an intimate secure soul mate relationship. Falling in lust seems to be a frequent occurence in your youth so it could take a while for you to commit fully to someone special. Your romantic imagination allows you to be acutely perceptive to the feelings of a partner and supply plenty of loving supportive gestures. Your genuine sympathy and kindhearted diplomatic approach makes you thoughtful and willing to compromise therefore arguments are usually a rarity. Generous and passionate your relationships are likely to run smoothly if a partner can cope with your untidiness and the occasional clinginess or sulky mood.

Lovers born on July 9 are extremely romantic and passionate. They are also the most protective lovers from the whole zodiac once their own security and stability needs are fulfilled. They have an extra quality in love, they are highly intuitive and usually follow their gut so they are rarely wrong in their choices. They are attracted to creative and imaginative people. You can conquer the heart of Cancer if you know how to offer the support and protection they need and love them unconditionally.

Their love life is rather hectic and unpredictable because they tend to be in and out of love quite easy and for no particular reason. They find it hard to connect to a deeper level with one person. For them, relationships and settling will probably be a complex matter but once they decide to have their own family they will turn out to be very protective and patient. They are most compatible with those born on the 3th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 21th, 23th, 24th and 31st.

July 9 Zodiac people are very attached to the other two water signs: Scorpio and Pisces as they tend to share the same vision of life. In life, Cancer is in a constant search for stability and emotional security and the one to offer them this is the native in Virgo. The lover in Cancer is thought to be least compatible with Aquarius. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Cancer, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

Climbing the corporate ladder quickly is important to a person born on the ninth of July as progression at work is an essential in your plans for success. Your abundance of versatile talents, amiability and natural observancy all prove to be very useful assets in your working life. You are confident in your abilities, pick up new skills easily and often make a wonderful role model to fellow workers. You are especially adept at management responsibilities and self employment may be a possible option. Money motivates you but you are not greedy so tend to be careful and rarely frivolous with your finances.

Health & Wellness

The general healthiness experienced by those born on July 9th is usually influenced by your avid interest in the delicate workings of the human body. This curiosity and your comprehension of health importance to overall performance and positivity guides you to attempt to eat healthily and be eager to keep fit. You will probably need to keep your vitamin and mineral levels topped up and avoid fad diets relying instead on exercise if you need to lose a bit of weight. People born on this day are prone to be extra clumsy when they are over tired so the recommended 8 hours sleep is advised to counteract this.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 9th of July encourages you to be prepared to sacrifice large amounts of effort and time to achieve meaningful things and realize your biggest goals. You gain lots of satisfaction from seeing loved ones accomplish things and if you are rewarded with unexpected financial gains family comes first. Dreams may be a mixture of fantasizing expressing your generosity and envisioning experiencing some of the unusual and luxurious things in life. Dreaming about the possibilities that the near future may hold or writing a unique book or travelling the world are also popular images while sleeping.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the ninth day of the month your birth date numeral allocates you a Root number of Nine. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword "Seeker" highlighting your inquisitive manner and open mind. In Tarot the 9th Major Arcana deck card symbolizing the Hermit is associated with your birthday. This is a mystic sign of wisdom and discipline and it reflects your firm viewpoints and sense of fairness. The lucky gemstone selected for July the ninth birthdays is a Bloodstone, this jewel should be worn for the attraction of wealth and happiness and as a calming aid in stressful situations.

Summation for Cancer born on July 9

Our Moon is imagined to be the greatest influence astrologically on the probabilities of typical Cancer personalities. The actual day you were born on, the ninth of July is zodiac governed by Mars’s rule adding little differences to your supposed typicalities. Your positivity, empathy and helpfulness are a perfect trio of attributes for getting things done. Your attention to detail, versatility and deep affinity with others allow you to gather knowledge like a sponge and interact well with everyone. If you can try and curb your messiness and tone down your potential to be a bit opinionated it should make communicating and living with others easier. A concluding thought for people born on July the 9th is to stay true to yourself and your dreams but always remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

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