November 30 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 30th of November are believed to be intelligent, eloquent and enthusiastic with the typical Sagittarius patience, wit and optimism. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Jupiter increasing your natural charm, creativity and curiosity but also your restlessness too. If you have this birthday your open minded, tolerant and thoughtful temperament is very ambitious but will dislike accepting help or being rushed. You like to be a bit different and follow your own path as well as being capable of making a statement without speaking and you are able to laugh at yourself too. Your outgoing and spontaneous nature is predicted to be bold, forthright and especially good at planning. Individuals with a November the thirtieth birthday are naturally kind, generous, sociable and adventurous with a passion for travel and education. Intuitive, persuasive and affable you tend to be jovial most of the time but emotionally you can be a tad defensive at times.

November 30 Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius

Being a Sagittarius born on November 30th, you seek adventure with a positive and straightforward personality. You take no refuge in familiar settings, as you are much more excited by the prospect of new experiences and people. This inclination may explain why you are always exploring new environments. Your friends and family are always excited to hear about your latest adventure, but they appreciate your optimism over all else. You can rarely recall a time where you weren’t able to take something positive from a situation or person.

November 30 Birthday Element - Fire

Fire is your elemental pair and as a Sagittarius, you have the only mutable connection with the element. The influence of fire makes you as adaptable as a growing flame, but it it is also responsible for the passion that burns within. When you encounter an interest or goal that you feel is worth pursuing, your flame burns with even more fortitude. Embracing these positive qualities of fire will be a key contributor to your future successes. Take care to avoid the negative aspects of fire’s influence, which includes impatience and impulsiveness.

November 30 Ruling Planet - Jupiter

Your sign’s ruling planet is Jupiter, but as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you are subject to a double dose of Jupiter’s power. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and subsequently, its influence is seen in your pursuit of adventure and knowledge, as well as your generosity and optimism. Your planetary influences combines to make you destined for higher learning, as you enjoy exploration in academics as much as in any element of life. While your pursuit of truth is perhaps your most positive quality, it may negatively reflect in your communication. As you highly value honestly, you choose to be straightforward and blunt in your communication. Others may consider this tactless, so attempt to consider the feelings of others in your everyday dealings.

November 30 Sagittarius Personality

Possessed with a sharp wit and the personality of a star, a November 30 Sagittarius tends to live flamboyantly. Despite this, they are loners. They enjoy breaking conventional patterns. They’re also moralists who believe the moral code applies to everyone - except them! They are apt to be egotistical but have a rare ability to laugh at themselves.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are disclosed in your thoughtfulness and spontaneity along with your thorough, funny and confident enthusiasm. These positive qualities and your sharp intuition help you ordinarily look on the bright side of life. The personality weaknesses for those born on November 30th stem from the negativity of a disappointment or other type of discontentment. Negative tendencies in these instances increase your potential to be rapidly agitated and can include being touchy, nervously wary and reactive, At these times of low mood you can be disposed to sometimes really over justify or defend your uncharacteristic actions.

People born on November 30 are calm and composed at times but also persistent and enthusiastic when they are truly interested in achieving something. They are attracted towards philosophical concepts and travel. They are determined and innovative but there is also something noble in the way they behave. In order for them to take things in a relaxed manner they need to stay away from mediocrity and bad advice.

Positive traits: Blunt but kind hearted and empathetic, these natives have a way of conveying their message, managing to say what they really think while still trying to make a good image and not offend the other person. They are usually the ones to see the positive side in any setting and are eager even when confronted with a new issue. They are more than helpful when they get something in return.

Negative traits: Inconsistent and impatient, these natives can sometimes disappoint those around them because they promise things when boasting of confidence and overestimate themselves as to end up not being able to deliver what they’ve promised. They dream of changing the world but often find themselves stuck in the small battles. They need to accept no one is perfect, not even them, and eventually adjust their expectations in life.

Love & Relationships

For a Sagittarius, the person born on the thirtieth day of November is typically inclined to be flirty yet faithful in romance situations. You seem to be excellent at interpreting body language and giving others the confidence to be themselves, however you are often not so great at expressing your own emotional needs. You have a tendency to really grow emotionally when in a long term committed relationship, leading you to sometimes leave home early. When in search of a soul mate with whom to start a family you need someone who is supportive but not too pushy or clingy. A little tough to tie down romantically you may have overly idealistic expectations of a partner but the inclination to believe truth is absolutely essential to a happy loving partnership. A perfect partner will share your interests including reading and listening to music plus your clear vision for future happiness together.

Lovers born on November 30 are persistent and romantic. As Sagittarius natives they aim high in all matters of life, therefore they are also very pretentious when it comes to love. They know exactly what they look for in the person to stand beside them. They don’t really think it is such thing as love at first sight as they generally prefer to know a person thoroughly even before starting dating. You can conquer the heart of Sagittarius if you check at least 70% of the items on their list of attributes their significant other should have.

In love, they don’t settle for less than what they consider it’s best for them. They like to progress slowly in love, get to know all about their loved one. When someone catches their attention they are a loyal but pretentious lover, sometimes prone to controlling behavior and fits of jealousy. Creative, freedom lovers, once decided to settle will invest all their attention in their family and they will probably have brilliant children. Some struggle, trial and error will govern parts of their love life but in the end everything will be worth it. They are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

November 30 Zodiac people are very attached to the other two fire signs: Aries and Leo as they tend to share the same vision of life. In life, Sagittarius is in a constant search for someone with whom they can relax and have fun with and the one to offer them this is the native in Gemini. The lover in Sagittarius is thought to be least compatible with Scorpio. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Sagittarius, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

Any job that offers some variety and the chance to use initiative will usually be considered a suitable occupation to a person born on the thirtieth of November. Being rather patient and witty gives you the ability to gently calm people so care or social work is often a popular choice. You do possess wonderful sales skills but utilizing this talent will rarely be a favorite chosen profession. Although you try to be careful with finances you tend to be quite lucky regarding money but you can be occasionally tempted by frivolous spending or forms of gambling. It will be useful to seek professional advice concerning any large financial investments.

Health & Wellness

A stubbornness about sticking to tried and trusted healthy routines can considerably assist the normal healthiness experienced by those born on November 30th. You appear to prefer to keep things simple with regard to dietary choices and exercise plans finding what works best for you and normally adhering to it with a common sense attitude. A regular intake of fruit and vegetables is important for physical and mental health and the companionship of a pet could have lots of advantages for evoking a general sense of well being. People born on this day should maybe avoid overworking themselves as too many stresses can quickly overload the nervous system.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 30th of November means you will usually need a real challenge in order to be motivated to achieve a goal. Aside from being challenging, an ambition or intention must also have a careful outline and deadline to aspire to. Aspirations of the most importance are likely to command the majority of your time and effort. Dreams are prone to feature some of the wishes you most want to make a reality.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the thirtieth of the month your date of birth qualifies for a synonymous Root number of Three. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword "Innovation" emphasizing your clever creativity, plentiful interests, strong will and streak of independence. In Tarot the 3rd Major Arcana card illustrating the Empress is associated with your birthday. This is a sign of your emotional perception and sensitivity together with your requirement for stability and peace. The luckiest gem for November the thirtieth birthdays is an Amethyst, wear this stone for its presumed promise of extra determination, courage and vivacity.

Summation for Sagittarius born on November 30

As a Sagittarian the probabilities of your personality are imagined to be astrologically influenced by the powerful planet Jupiter. The actual day you were born on, the thirtieth of November is governed by this same celestial influence intensifying your anticipated typicalities and qualities. Your admirable eloquence, diligence and receptive, inquisitive mind should be nurtured as these mannerisms can take you far in life. Your straightforward and direct kindness make you easy to approach, warmly polite and a lovely individual to know. If you are able to gain control on your bad reactions to displeasure and discontent you should become less temperamental and possibly more decisive. A concluding thought for people born on November the 30th is to learn to loosen up a little, improvise more often and trust your intuitive impulses to continue following favorable paths.

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