October 14 Birthday Horoscope

People born specifically on the 14th of October are destined to be very kind, considerate and tolerant but like all Librans may have fairly idealistic views. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury intensifying your expressiveness and making you highly curious, articulate and persuasive. If you have this birthday you tend to be more independent but also a tad shier than most others of the same zodiac sign. In spite of this you will strongly crave companionship and ordinarily prefer to do everything with moderation. Naturally creative and helpful you are great at balancing and prioritizing things in life and especially good at compromise. Individuals with an October the fourteenth birthday are usually rather concerned about their image and although they are inclined to quickly learn from mistakes they dislike being judged or criticized. Home loving and family orientated you possess high standards and a need to keep busy keeps you optimistic with a drive to actively achieve and progress.

October 14 Zodiac Sign - Libra

As a Libra born on October 14th, you’re a social, analytical, and loyal individual. There are few settings more appealing to you than a social one. You use your sharp mind to present your thoughts in an interesting and engaging way. While your friends and family appreciate your intellect and charm, they may appreciate your loyalty even more. In all your close relationships, you are devoted and reliable, as these are qualities you feel everyone should possess.

October 14 Birthday Element - Air

Your sign’s paired element is air and you possess the only fundamental connection with the element of all the zodiac signs. It is air’s influences that links to your tendency to be an ever-active initiator. You have many intellectual and social pursuits, which are supported by the curiosity that seems to stir inside you. Embracing these active qualities of air will help you meet you goals, but avoid air’s stagnant, detrimental qualities, which include social distance and a lack of emotion.

October 14 Ruling Planet - Venus

The Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, you are subject to planetary influence from Mercury as well. Venus’s mysterious power can be witnessed in your appreciation of beauty, desire for harmony and highly social nature. Likewise, the powers of Mercury are intertwined with your gift for communication and pursuit of knowledge. These planetary influences combine to make you more analytically driven than other Libra Decans. You’re interested in discovering the meaning of the various aspects of life and will work tirelessly to understand them. Luckily, you do not let you intellectual pursuits dominate your life, as you still value close, loving relationships the most.

October 14 Libra Personality

Libras born on October 14 are intelligent, diplomatic, and concerned with their image. They have a flair for expressing themselves and are masters of communication. October 14 natives can appear lighthearted, yet they are serious at their core. They display a warm personality.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed in the reasonable composed kindness, consideration and tolerance. These positive traits and your expressive inquisitiveness and ability to prioritize far outweigh the majority of your other fortes allowing excellent progress in life. The personality weaknesses for those born on October 14th are usually stirred on occasions where you feel overly analyzed or dispraised. Your negative characteristics can vary in vehemence from reserved to unresponsive concerning emotion. You could also behave in a fairly cautious and subdued way in reaction to an emotional upset.

People born on October 14 are empathetic beings, always there for those close to them and on occasions aiding with others as well. They are elegant and balanced and seem to try and create a tranquil world around them. They exclude superficial people and often have great difficulties when dealing with sudden transformation or confusion. They love spending time in the company of their partner.

Positive traits: These natives are practical and efficient most times, taking the safe route and sometimes even routes other wouldn’t have thought of. They are thoughtful and often prefer safety to risk although their innovative nature allows them to come with interesting solutions. They have domestic natures and often their motivation resides in the safety of their families and in providing for them everything they need.

Negative traits: Sometimes subjective and overly fastidious, they can make the lives of those close very complicated; especially when they don’t feel they are in control. This doesn’t mean that they need to exert some power but more like they prefer to control everything from afar and that people would dignity consideration and follow their advice. They are overly cautious and quite shy at times and this really prevents them from having genuine fun.

Love & Relationships

For a Libra, the person born on the fourteen day of October is typically someone with a lighthearted but serious and sensitive attitude to romance. You need to feel genuinely loved and appreciated as you believe in true love and usually seek a strong soul mate connection with somebody special. Sincerely affectionate and loving you tend to consider an intimate close friendship and mental rapport very important in a long term relationship. A perfect partner will make you feel truly cared for and supported as well as sharing a wish to keep the home as calm and harmonious as possible. This shared preference normally works well if a partner’s patience is not tested by your touch of indecision. In the bedroom your inventive sex drive springs into action in response to seductive looks and suggestions of erotic lovemaking. Although you are not overly demonstrative generally you make up for it with your thoughtfulness.

Lovers born on October 14 are romantic and dependable. They are attracted to energetic people who can be as dependable as they are. When they decide to commit they do it for a lifetime. You can conquer the heart of Libra if you are as trustworthy and affectionate as they are. This single native is completely focusing energy on their personal development and is in no way in a hurry to enter a relationship if they don’t feel it’s the right thing to do.

They’re as confident in love as they are with all the other aspects of their life. Attractive and charming it is very difficult for someone to win their heart if they don’t show the slightest interest. They don’t settle for less than what they consider it’s best for them. And they are a pretentious lover. Freedom lover, they have an immense love for change and adventure and they will experience many love relationships in their life, that they will consider important. If they settle for one person, they will probably be hard to understand and they will still be governed by selfishness. They are most compatible with those born on 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

October 14 Zodiac people are most attracted to the other air signs: Gemini and Aquarius as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Libra is permanently seeking for a visionary partner to expand their horizon and the best to offer them this is the native born under Aquarius. The lover in Libra is said to be least compatible with Aries. As for the rest of partnerships between the other star signs and Libra, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Career & Finances

Career options to a person born on the fourteenth of October could be quite varied as a consequence of your streaks of idealism and independence. You are likely to have numerous talents but your ability to verbalize ideas and your creativity are areas of expression that sometimes help determine your favored type of work. Your intense level of curiosity, organizational skill and striving for balance can mean you find your ideal job in research or law based employment. Being sensible with money makes it unlikely for you to be keen on gambling or other financial vices. This means that you often sensibly shy away from considering credit too.

Health & Wellness

Overwork or neglect of dietary requirements may sometimes impact on the typical healthiness experienced by those born on October 14th. Aside from this proneness you are commonly full of unfocused energies making you once in a while rather restless and nervy. Moderate regular exercise can keep you healthy and trim in addition to helping realign energy and aiding restful sleep. People born on this day could be occasionally be neglectful of their diet but they do have a flair for and interest in cooking. You do enjoy your food so aiming to choose more sensibly is sure to have numerous health benefits and possibly prevent minor illnesses.

Dreams & Goals

Being born on the 14th of October means you have a tendency to be intensely conscientious regarding the achievement of cherished goals. When you decide on a particular course of action you will try to carefully plan each step in order to give the project every chance of success. A common goal is to go as far as you can in your chosen profession but this is usually of secondary importance to having a successful relationship. Dreams are inclined to be tuned into your imaginative inquiring mind and will usually feature fantasy type adventures or scenes in relation to your yearning for comfort and complete happiness.

Luck & Significance

As you were born on the fourteenth day of the month the one and four in your date of birth calculate to a Root number of Five. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword "Inquiry" emphasizing your investigative desire for knowledge and understanding. In Tarot the 14th Major Arcana card representing Temperance is mystically associated with your birthday. This is an indication of your balanced degrees of toleration, composure and fairness. The luckiest gem for October the fourteenth birthdays is a Diamond. Wear this precious stone to strengthen trust in yourself, for added inspiration and to dispel negativity.

Summation for Libra born on October 14

Descriptions of Libra personalities are mostly derived from the influence astrologically of the planet Venus. The actual day you were born on, the fourteenth of October, is governed by the influences of Mercury’s celestial presence. These 2 planets combined therefore presumably shape your probable uniqueness. Your persuasiveness is not as evident as your other attributes but it should prove useful. Try not to let your bit of shyness hold you back in anything you attempt. If you can conquer slight fears of criticism or disapproval you will not attract the possibility of negativity. In conclusion a thought for people born on October the 14th is to have fun more often to retain your sparkle.

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