Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope

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You have a lot of positive energy around your career prospects right now. If you're looking for a job, you could receive more than one offer. You can negotiate for a better salary or other perks. Try to set your start date for later in the month after Mercury goes direct on November 20.

If you want to stay in your current job, you most likely can, though there could be changes in your position or job description. You might be given different duties or a new title. Your team may be increased or moved on the company flowchart to be in a different division.

Mars opposes Uranus on the twenty-fourth, creating a t-square with your natal Aquarius sun. Around this time, you may find you need to be in the office when you really want to be home preparing for the holidays or at least the long weekend. The best thing to do is get in quick and get the job done efficiently. Putting this off won't make it any easier. On the other hand, your efforts will be appreciated by your team and your manager.

Monthly Career Horoscope