Capricorn Monthly Career Horoscope

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There is job change energy around you this month, especially once Mars enters Libra on October 3 and makes a square to your natal Capricorn. If you've been working on a position change for several months, you might start the new job now, but it's more likely you’ll be meeting with people about a future position. It would be very good to do your negotiating and secure the new position quickly. Taking a new job is better for you this month than it will be next month.

Whether you make the change or not, you have a strong energy for making more money from your job this month. If you don't change positions, you might still be able to negotiate a good salary increase.

It's also possible that the sun entering Scorpio on the twenty-third sets off a chain of events leading to a salary increase, possibly from union negotiations or changes in company policy. It would be beneficial to channel some of the extra money from your paycheck right into retirement savings or perhaps a company stock purchase plan.

Monthly Career Horoscope