Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope

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Happy New Year! Gemini natives have a busy start as Mars enters the sign of Taurus on January 6 and recharges your batteries. You are more productive than you’ve been in months. Focus your energy on your bigger goals and more challenging tasks. You might have a desire to tear things up in video games, but that's a waste of this positive energy.

On the twelfth, there's a new moon in Capricorn at about the same time that Mars squares Saturn in Aquarius. You’ve been moving at top speed, opening up resources for cash and investments, and now you’ve hit a wall. You could be receiving a hard no on a proposal. It might feel like a bunch of work is going down the drain, but it's important right now to be patient and not beat your head against a brick wall.

There's a full moon in Leo on January 28, and Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius two days later. A financial opportunity now shows signs of returning to you. Allow yourself to approach at a calm pace, without tipping your hand until you’ve secured the deal. A friend with knowledge of contracts could be of great assistance to you.

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