Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope

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The north node enters your sign on May 5, and it's time to invest in yourself. You might consider going back to school, looking for certification programs, or starting a side business. Write out your goals for this special transit going forward for the next 18 months.

The full moon in Scorpio in your house of work indicates attention is on you and your projects. You may be called to lead a meeting or take charge of a team.

Three planets turn retrograde midmonth, and this could affect your investments or finances. Check to see that paperwork around a company-related retirement plan has been done properly. Review the performance of your broker or look into changing investment companies.

The sun enters Gemini on the twentieth, followed by the new moon in Gemini two days later. If you're looking for a job, the next few weeks are the best time to present your resume. Those Gemini natives who own a business can find excellent collaborations by reaching out to influencers.

Monthly Career Horoscope