Leo Monthly Career Horoscope

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There can be intense energy around investments and speculation this month as Mars in your house of resources from others makes squares to Venus and the lunar eclipse in harmonious Sagittarius on June 5. Calculated risks could pay off. Invest in things you know. Following gut instincts alone is not advised, but you have the ability to gather the necessary information to make good decisions.

Time is of the essence because Mercury goes retrograde on the seventeenth, which could bring some delays and problems with technology. Buying a new phone during the Mercury retrograde period is not advised.

June 20, the first day of summer, brings the solar eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer. This is a good time to face fears and break free of limitations. Throw off any addictions. Care for yourself with loving kindness.

There's an improvement in the energies around the twenty-fourth, when Venus again moves forward in your house of friendships. Others are supportive of your goals now. Leo natives can tap into their expertise to help in moving forward.

Monthly Career Horoscope