Leo Monthly Career Horoscope

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Increased activity around communication indicates it's good to speak up and make your career objectives known. Doing this at the beginning of the month is beneficial. It can be helpful to bring your goals up again around the time of the Aries full moon on October 13. This full moon energy makes a beneficial trine to your sign.

If you own a business, you might have a great expansion opportunity this month. A knowledgeable or well-educated person can open a door to some new possibilities for you and your company.

There may be changes in management implemented at your job now. These may have been talked about months ago as vague possibilities, but now they come into focus as Venus moves into Scorpio on the eighth and moves to oppose Uranus in Taurus a few days later.

Job-related travel is quite possible this month. You may be attending a conference in a local city, or you may be traveling to a different company location to confer with part of your team. Travel gets more challenging toward the end of the month.

Monthly Career Horoscope