Libra Monthly Career Horoscope

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Mars moves into Libra on October 3, bringing a burst of energy to get projects done. This is especially good if you’re expanding a business. If you work for someone else, you could find more projects on your desk. Now is your time to diplomatically delegate using your Libra communication skills to ask others to help you with your workload.

You could have a little more money in your pocket this month because the financial energy is good. This comes at the perfect time because there may be an invoice or unusual expense to cover around the middle of the month. This is yet another sign that the universe is taking care of you when you need it.

Your path is lit up by the full moon on October 13. If you're looking for a new job or even a whole new career, you can make some good headway this month. Look to friends or your life partner to help you uncover your talents and skills. They can help you write your resume or perhaps update your profile on a career website.

Monthly Career Horoscope