Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope

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This is a good month to fly under the radar. If you've been craving a bit of extra time off, this is the month to take it. Even if there are projects due, you might be able to turn in your part while working from home or when you're away. If you're stuck in the office, you may find assignments don't seem to land on your desk, perhaps because you're busy enough, but it's more likely you're just not being noticed by your supervisor at this time.

Venus opposing Uranus on October 12 may create an opportunity for a nice change in your job. You could be changing offices or cubicles. A difficult person in the office might be moving out, leaving you surrounded by people you generally like.

The full moon on the thirteenth lights up a business opportunity for you. This might come to you through an adult child or younger relative and involve some aspect of technology or social media. It's worth a look, though it's too soon to be investing heavily in what could be a risky concept.

Monthly Career Horoscope