Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope

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An exciting month begins with the possibility of lots of changes. You might be entering school or starting a graduate program. You could be learning new things about your job.

On August 13, Mars in your house of risk-taking makes a square to Pluto in your house of finance. You might feel inspired to go after true wealth. You could feel you’ve found the key to get you there. This is an aspect of unbridled ambition and focus. Picture riding a roller coaster with your hands in the air and recognize that the excitement comes from the ups and downs.

On the twenty-fourth, Mars makes a square to Saturn, and now you are challenged. The work on your desk may have you feeling overwhelmed at first, but Saturn gives you the discipline and fortitude to work at things until you've got it. Don't let fear keep you from being effective. Take things line by line if you have to. No matter how big the project, you can get it done.

Monthly Career Horoscope