Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope

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The new year begins and Taurus natives already feel the changing energy. On January 6, Mars enters your sign, and now you have more confidence and a clear idea of what actions to take. No more scattershot measures. You're focused with surgical precision on your goals.

There's a new moon in Capricorn on the twelfth, and Mars squares Saturn in Aquarius at the top of your chart at about the same time. With Saturn elevated in your house of career now, it's time to consolidate your power and focus on a single track toward success. Leaning into technology solutions or careers involving the community show a good way forward. Slow and steady wins the race, which is a pace you understand well (even if you don't like it). Get with your boss and see if they will confirm a timeline for your advancement.

There's a full moon in Leo on January 28, and Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius two days later. Financial benefits are at hand. This may mean some perks involving retirement plans or stock purchase opportunities at your current company. If you're in real estate or anything dealing with property, a boost is possible when you're willing to go against the norm or even break rules.

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