Aquarius 2018 Career Horoscope

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You’re flying high in 2018, Aquarius! Jupiter wings its way across the top of your chart, moving you toward a crescendo in career, business, and public standing. It is in Scorpio and your solar Tenth House, and the sky’s the limit! You feel as if you can accomplish anything or go anywhere, and that may be true if you’ve built a personal empire over the past nine years.

However, Jupiter is the great promiser, but it doesn’t always deliver, especially if you haven’t coupled your expansionist side with your disciplined, hard-working side (Saturn). If you have done your work, you’ll find this to be a true pinnacle with long-lasting results. Your career is in boom mode, complete with increased visibility and standing relative to your previous role. You may be placed in a leadership role. You may receive acclaim or recognition as well.

These benefits may be temporary, however, especially if you rest on your laurels instead of seeing these opportunities as another stage in a process where you must keep up the good work. Once Jupiter goes into Sagittarius on November 23, it will light up your Eleventh House of groups. This gives you a chance to consolidate the results of your efforts this year and project them into the community at large.

You’ll be challenged by Saturn, which spends a second year in Leo and your Seventh House of close relationships. The feedback you’re getting from others may not be all good news. You may be discovering, much to your dismay, that there are flaws in the way you communicate with those closest to you. Weighing what they say with your own insights will permit you to refine your interaction in the best way.

Chiron still wends its way across the wheel from Saturn, in your own sign and your First House. It emphasizes how much growing you have to do to fulfill your image of yourself. Health matters could rise to the surface now, responding better to a holistic approach that recognizes the role your mind and emotions play in the imbalance.

Uranus is in Pisces again this year. Underneath your supposedly cynical view of life lie idealistic values. Now Uranus is teaching you how to get what you ask for. By refining your thoughts, you can develop the ability to create new resources (property and money).

Neptune is in Aquarius for another year, softening your appearance and the sharp edges of your wit. Your approach continues to become gentler as you learn to see the world as shades of gray rather than black and white.

Pluto in Sagittarius populates your solar Eleventh House. Your group and organizational associations continue to be a source of empowerment for you, and you want to continue cultivating them, but in a sincere way. Watch for power plays coming from others, however, because people may attempt to use you in a political game.

You’ll feel a shift in emphasis in March, when the eclipses begin to trigger your Eighth and Second Houses, Virgo and Pisces.

This places even more emphasis on renovating your financial life—not perhaps so much in rectifying mistaken ways of handling them, although that is possible, but in developing more meaningful ways of earning money

2018 Career Horoscope


Aquarius 2018 Career Horoscope
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