Cancer 2018 Career Horoscope

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With Jupiter in Scorpio and your solar Fifth House, play and creativity are your keys to future success. Dream big, and in four years you’ll reach your goals. For now, pursue your interests and let your mind take flights of fancy.

There’s something deeper that you need to bring forth—something that comes from deep within you. Build on that spark now, while your optimism and confidence are strong. You’ll be inspired and rejuvenated. Children, romance, or sports may also play a featured role in your life this year and be a source of joy. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 23, a year-long cycle of increased work starts. Overwork is a possibility, and health issues could arise as a result. Kept in balance, your efforts could launch a great enterprise that builds on the inspiration you have during the earlier part of the year.

Saturn continues its course through Leo and your Second House, suggesting the need for more discipline in your financial affairs.

If your spending is out of control, you may be scrutinizing your spending patterns to see what you find unnecessary or of little value to you. Saturn may also require some belt-tightening: perhaps you will decide to save money for a new venture or future need, such as starting a business or taking early retirement. The need for security is the driving force.

Chiron remains in Aquarius and your solar Eighth House, reminding you that one of the keys to personal security is a solid relationship with your financial connections. Insurance policies kept up to date, loans and taxes paid on time, honesty in all finan-cial dealings—these are critical to your stability. It’s time to correct errors and shore up weaknesses here. Chiron could also take you on an exciting ride into the hidden world beneath the surface of what seems to be true. You may discover the truths buried in occult studies, depth psychology, or astrology.

In Pisces and your Ninth House, Uranus is awakening you to higher truths and a more global perspective on just about everything. Studies that universalize your awareness, from meditation to philosophy to foreign languages to alien life, will fascinate you now.

You may delight in being unpredictable and rise to any challenge— and you may even be drawn to take risks you would never have considered before. Allowing this awakening to take place will sharpen your mind and put a new spring in your step.

Neptune also makes its home in Aquarius and your solar Eighth House, leading you toward a deep spiritualizing process. You know that there is something beyond what can be perceived by the senses, and you feel compelled to pursue an understanding of what makes the world tick. Neptune here could also blind you to what is happening in your finances—or perhaps you don’t want to look too closely. You may feel helpless about it, or think that you have to make sacrifices for others. Although you are the only one who can decide what’s right for you, you may be sacrificing too much.

Pluto is in Sagittarius and your solar Sixth House, continuing to transform your health and daily habits, including work. You may see upheaval in your workplace, and your work environment and tasks are directly affected by these changes whenever Pluto contacts one of your own planets. This is the time to make sure your health is the best it can be by adjusting your daily habits and lifestyle.

The eclipses move into Virgo and Pisces in 2018, your Third and Ninth Houses. They highlight your intellectual pursuits, encouraging you to gain more knowledge for practical purposes, so that you can work smarter or get paid more.

2018 Career Horoscope


Cancer 2018 Career Horoscope
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