Capricorn 2018 Career Horoscope

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You’ve just completed a year of high activity reaching for a pinnacle of success, Capricorn. Now it’s time to reap the rewards! Jupiter is in Scorpio, your Eleventh House, until November 23. The Eleventh House is where you contact others who can be of outer- world benefit to you, such as in your career or business. Group markets and audiences will be your greatest source of growth and strength during this time, so the more people you can meet and get to know, the more benefits will come to you. Of course, it helps to be selective and not overly eager—a Jupiter danger—or you will put people off. Use your usual discretion and allow them to lead. You are likely to receive recognition for past efforts this year as well, whether in the form of awards, a raise, or a promotion.

Groups to which you belong may also recognize you by giving you a role that will increase your standing in the organization. Once Jupiter goes into Sagittarius and your solar Twelfth House, you’ll begin a one- year period of consolidation and completion. You may have a big project that takes you out of the public eye, or you may just need some chill time. Your space will be expanding inward with spiritual undertones. While you are on retreat, you will have time to gather energy for a new twelve-year period of expansion, as Jupiter moves into your Sun sign in the next two years.

Saturn spends its second year in Leo and your solar Eighth House. You are in the midst of a restructuring of your financial base—most particularly your personal resources. This could mean that you reevaluate and reapportion your financial portfolio, changing insurance coverages, buying and selling stocks and bonds, or changing your sources of income.

Chiron is in Aquarius and your Second House. This provides the impetus for your Saturn-Eighth House actions. You have decided that the way you handle your resources needs some repair, or perhaps a complete overhaul. You want to create greater stability and power in your personal resources, from your finances to your property to intangibles like skills and time. Underneath all this is the realization that you’ve had your priorities wrong. Now you can get them right, and Chiron gives you five more years to do it.

Uranus is in its fourth year in Pisces and your solar Third House. You’re undergoing a pleasant awakening process that nonetheless has its surprises. This is the gentlest way to go through change. You don’t have to have direct experience to learn: it is enough to observe others and take the lesson to your own heart. Coursework, interpersonal interaction, or spiritual training could provide the stimulus for this joyful growth.

Neptune continues to travel through Aquarius and your solar Second House, where it has been since 1998. Like Chiron, it is reshaping your financial picture. It is no longer enough for you to just earn money (lots of it) any way you can. You are now concerned with enjoying the way you are earning it. Bringing your ideals to bear on your world makes you feel more fulfilled, and this is as important to you now as the money you put in the bank.

Pluto remains in Sagittarius and your solar Twelfth House, where it has been since 1995. At that time you started a long-term spiritual transformation process that has been opening your mind and heart to new awareness and greater sensitivity. This process will continue in 2018.

The eclipses enter Virgo and Pisces, your Ninth and Third Houses, on March 14. This will emphasize the shift in consciousness that you are already experiencing and make it possible for you to actualize some of your dreams. Whether it comes through travel, higher education, or spiritual practice, your life will change in pleasant ways.

2018 Career Horoscope


Capricorn 2018 Career Horoscope
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