Leo 2018 Career Horoscope

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In 2018, your opportunities will emanate from within yourself.

This is the time to look inside to see what sparks of creativity and purpose move you, because you’re beginning a six-year climb to the top. This is part of the cycle of Jupiter, which is traveling through Scorpio and your solar Fourth House. You are inclined to spend more time at home now, perhaps because you’re doing some renovations. There is a possibility that you’ll move, although anything to rejuvenate your home environment will satisfy that urge to brighten up your surroundings.

If you sell your home, you stand to make a tidy profit; if you’re buying, take care not to pay too much for it. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius and your solar Fifth House on November 23, you’ll feel more energetic and focused in the way you express your creative initiative. This placement will bring you more joy, more fun—even more romance if you want it. This will be the time to set your sights on a new dream.

Saturn continues its course through Leo and your First House. You have found the value—perhaps the necessity—of greater-than- normal discipline in managing your personal energies and circumstances. If you are not happy with yourself, you will bear the full brunt of that awareness now. You will continue to scrutinize your relationships, letting go of those that do not match the person you are now becoming. This is a good time to reform your overall health and appearance.

Chiron remains on course in Aquarius and your solar Seventh House, driving home any relationship issues you are dealing with. Chances are that you’re dissatisfied with your experiences with your partner. However, the problem may lie within you. At least, look very hard at what you have contributed and own up to your role. This will make the healing process go much more quickly—and you will find out if healing is possible within the current structure.

Uranus is in Pisces, your Eighth House, again this year, bringing unexpected events. You may feel as though fate has a hand in your finances, or unusual experiences may characterize your contacts with others. Uranus disrupts our patterns so that new, healthier patterns can be formed. Your finances may go through a sudden

change, either for the better or worse. If you are prepared for the occasional hiatus which occurs in anyone’s cash flow, you will benefit from what you experience.

Neptune continues its slow path through Aquarius and your solar Seventh House, dissolving old patterns in relationships so that you can form new ones. Old commitments fall away as you shed old unhealthy parts of yourself. You may simply forget old pains and approach intimacy with a new sense of innocence.

Pluto is lifting and empowering you from its position in Sagittarius and your Ninth House. You’ve been transforming your goals, your ways of seeing the world, since nine years ago. You’ve come a long way since then, but there are still a few more miles to go in your quest for something greater than yourself. Whether you encounter that great-ness through travel, education, or spiritual expansion, you are aware of being on an inner journey.

The eclipses begin their sojourn through Virgo and Pisces in March. They will enliven and enlighten your resources and financial contacts with others. This is a good time to review your financial plans, correct erroneous ways of handling your resources, and make plans for a secure future.

2018 Career Horoscope


Leo 2018 Career Horoscope
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