Libra 2018 Career Horoscope

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You start the year with Jupiter in your solar Second House, Libra—a great place for building resources. However, the resources you need to accrue right now are not necessarily monetary; you may need to build skills as well. You will be bringing things of value into your life, and this often results in spending rather than saving money. In fact, in order to fulfill the dreams you hatched last year, you’ll need to invest in turning your vision into reality. Consequently, you could see more cash going out than coming in while Jupiter is in Scorpio.

You’re laying a foundation for the next ten years, so it’s important to take a reasonable risk to signal to the universe that you are confident you can fulfill your plans. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius and your solar Third House on November 23, you’ll enter a more social period. You’ll be out and about, perhaps spreading the word about your new venture or laying the mental foundation for it by getting new training. The more you focus on activities involving mind and communication, the more you establish your new path. This energy will continue through most of 2018.

Saturn is in Leo and your Eleventh House again this year, giving you a chance to fulfill the activities you began last year. The focus is on groups and organizations, from family ties to professional alliances. You’ve taken on new responsibilities since mid-last year, and you need to stay with those duties this year if you want them to be a stepping stone to something better. Even if the politics or interpersonal conflicts become difficult, you will benefit from outlasting them.

Chiron stays the course in Aquarius and your Fifth House. You’re becoming more aware that you keep yourself from being happy by sacrificing your own needs and desires for others. By always placing others before yourself, you don’t have to think about what it would take to make you feel fulfilled. It’s dawning on you that it isn’t enough to seek happiness through the successes of those close to you—you have to reach for your own dreams in your own right.

Uranus reaches the middle degrees of Pisces and your solar Sixth House, nearing the halfway point of its transit. This means that you’re three years into an awakening in that most mundane area of your life—the rhythms and routines that get you through the day.

This includes health practices, and a positive lifestyle change now will head off health difficulties later.

Neptune is in Aquarius and your solar Fifth House once more, shrouding and mystifying issues of self-«xpression and creativity. You may be struggling with a romantic involvement, asking yourself, “Why do I always attract the same type of lover?” Or your children could require a sacrifice from you. Your style and forms of creative expression are going through a slow, subtle change as well.

If this is a major part of your life, the effect will be profound.

Pluto remains in Sagittarius and your Third House, renovating the way you view the world. You may do this through contact with new people or educational venues, through personal study, or in a structured classroom. Think of ways you can empower yourself, especially with a win-win approach and a positive attitude.

The eclipses move into Virgo and Pisces, your Twelfth and Sixth House axis, with the lunar eclipse on March 14- This adds emphasis to the process of reorganizing your life and health routines. Doing service for others adds to your fulfillment through a feeling of contribution. Don’t expect to be recognized for what you are doing now—it’s all on the inside.

2018 Career Horoscope


Libra 2018 Career Horoscope
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