Sagittarius 2018 Career Horoscope

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This year will bring out your spiritual side, Sagittarius, and lay the groundwork for making some overdue changes. Jupiter in Scorpio and your solar Twelfth House draws you inside .yourself more than usual, but it is not a place unfamiliar to you.

What most people don’t realize is that Sagittarius is not just a go get ’em fire sign. You also thrill to the inner landscape that reveals the mysteries of life and leads to the transcendence you crave. Your spiritual path and practices may become more significant to you while Jupiter is in this house, and even if spirituality is not your style, you’ll have other pastimes that encourage you to contemplate life. You will soon discover how vast the inner landscape can be, especially if you are confined in any way. If you are ill or otherwise confined, inner journeys will calm you and release the expansive feelings that give you joy.

Once Jupiter enters your home sign, Sagittarius, on November 23, you’ll feel like someone’s spiked your drink. The giddy feeling of Jupiter’s creative urge results in a burst of new ideas and inspirations. It’s a seed-planting time, so sow as many as you like, keeping in mind that you will have to weed some of them out over the following two years. This starts a twelve-year cycle of enterprise, education, and expansion.

Saturn gives you support for a second year as it makes its way through the latter half of Leo and your solar Ninth House. The systems and structures of the world support your efforts at climbing the ladder of knowledge and success. Now is the time to put final touches on the preparatory cycle you’ve been in for the last six years, because you’ll be reaching an apex starting in September of the next year.

Chiron shares supportive insights with you, becoming a true messenger of the greater gods as it goes more deeply into Aquarius and your Third House. You’re more sensitive to the needs of others now. You may feel inspired to take a more healing approach in your communications, or even get some training in healing techniques. Your long-term devotion to raising group consciousness will be well-served by this five-year transit.

Uranus continues its path through Pisces and your solar Fourth House, disrupting those forms that are no longer relevant so you can remove them. The focus will be on your family and private life, and your past—particularly your childhood. You will benefit greatly by paying attention to this area of your life, because it holds the key to a great awakening process for you.

Neptune is in Aquarius and your solar Third House, where it has been since eight years ago. You’ve been experiencing a long-term process of subtle change, where old ways of thinking are simply dissolving away. Old hurts, old wounds are nearly forgotten, and it is easier now to forgive—especially yourself. Continue to let go as you raise your consciousness to greater understanding.

Pluto once again inhabits your home sign and First House, so you get yet another year to wring more transformation out of your life. By now this may seem ho-hum, but remember that this is your golden opportunity to make deep changes to last the rest of your life. Your life is fluid now in a way that others envy.

The eclipses begin to support the process of change by making a challenging contact to your Sun from your Fourth- and Tenth- House axis and the signs of Pisces and Virgo. Once this process begins on March 14, you’ll experience climactic events about every six months that will help you turn the corner on renovations in home and career.

2018 Career Horoscope


Sagittarius 2018 Career Horoscope
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