Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope

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2018 is your year, Scorpio! A vision of the future is developing within you, and, if you dare to have faith in yourself, you can create it over the next twelve years. Your timing is right because Jupiter is in your sign and your solar First House of new beginnings, and you’ve had the Midas touch ever since October 25 last year, when it entered Scorpio. You’re being flooded with ideas, and the possibilities seem endless! There are more options than you can fulfill, but you get three years to sort them out by testing and trying them. During this year, your vision of the future will be clearer than usual.

You’ll feel inspired and optimistic—so much so that you could be tempted to take greater risks than usual. Just remember that your rosy outlook must be tempered by patience and common sense, and you’ll find the middle road between caution and gamble. On November 23, Jupiter enters Sagittarius and your solar Second House, when you will naturally shift to putting your plans into motion, your dreams into form. You will first need to collect your resources and lay the right foundation for your new endeavors. You will continue to work with this energy into the next year as well.

Saturn will spend another year in Leo and your solar Tenth House. Your star has been rising, if you’ve been taking the initiative responsibly over the past ten years. If so, this is a pinnacle for you, a time of promotion, recognition, and leadership. No matter where you find yourself, you’ll be working hard and may be given more authority relative to your role in the past.

Chiron is in Aquarius for the second year, your solar Fourth House. Last year, you began to get in touch with your deeper nature. You saw ways in which you could grow, ways in which you hold yourself back. These are tied to your past, especially your childhood and family experiences. You will benefit from uncovering troublesome events and rewriting the lessons learned from them. You can aid your growth process by seeking the support of others in this recovery process.

Uranus in Pisces supports your self-development from your solar Fifth House. Uranus supports the energies of Jupiter, feeding you inspiration. You’ll be brimming with ideas! You’ll find romances to

be highly stimulating as well. If you have children, they will be sources of innovation and startling awareness. They will surprise you with their talent and creativity.

Neptune is in Aquarius for the eighth year, dissolving old ways of dealing with private matters. You’ve been experiencing a washing away of old attitudes toward home, family, emotions (and their expression), and privacy. Your home could be a source of spiritual peace, and you could enjoy spending time alone.

Pluto inhabits Sagittarius—your Second House. Your resources— such as time, money, energy, and skills—are going through a long- term transformation. You’re changing the value you place on these things, and most likely using them differently. You may be considering changing the source for your income so that you can earn more, or reconfiguring your financial portfolio to ensure your future.

Starting March 14, the eclipses begin to trigger the Virgo-Pisces axis (your Eleventh and Fifth Houses). You’ll be focusing on social interactions more over the coming eighteen months. This could include having or spending more time with children, a new romance, more social activities in groups, a new hobby—in short, more time doing the things you enjoy the most.

2018 Career Horoscope


Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope
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