Aquarius 2017 Career Horoscope

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The changes aren’t over for you yet, Aquarius, but the pressure has shifted, and you’ll find that the new you is ready for prime time. Uranus has led you through seven years of ups and downs, and a new persona is the result. Now, as it shifts its emphasis to your finances and other resources, you see the world with new eyes, and it’s a world of possibility.

Jupiter is in Virgo and your solar Eighth House, giving you a financial boost just when you need it. You may have some unexpected outer-world sources providing you with money—everything from insurance benefits, legacies, and stock dividends to a new job with more money. The tax agencies may even find an error in your favor this year! Your interest in tools that give evidence of what’s happening in the unseen world may also grow, but your general approach is pragmatic rather than pie-in-the-sky. You may be drawn to earth magic, alchemy, the tarot, or the practical applications of astrology—such as predicting the weather, planning events, or finding lost objects.

If you have a partner, you may find that his or her resources increase as well, but as this also pertains to spending patterns, take care that he or she is buying wisely. On September 25, Jupiter enters Libra and your solar Ninth House. This is a highly advantageous position for you, as Jupiter begins its advancement arc across the top of your chart. This is a good time for you to set your sights high and draw the vision toward you through the actions you take over the next year (until October 2017). Think more about the big picture than the details now, because the overview will lead you to move in the right spirit, which is what propels you to ultimate success over the following two years.

Saturn in Cancer traverses your solar Sixth House of health and daily routines. No more playing the edge where your physical health is concerned. It’s time to face the music and take care of your body before it requires more stringent measures. Chiron will spend another year in Capricorn and your solar Twelfth House, but this year it will be interacting with Saturn, emphasizing the good health theme. In addition, you may find yourself fulfilling a role in a cause you really believe in, but which places you very much in the background or requires you to make sacrifices in other areas of your life. Since doing what’s meaningful for you is very important, this should vitalize your soul, even if it takes away from other experiences. Uranus is in Pisces now for the next seven years, never to return to your home sign. This shifts the energy of awakening to your Second House of resources (time, money, and skills).

You may be drawn to a calling of the heart rather than of the pocketbook under this transit, one which at first may require you to withstand a loss of income but will enrich your life in other ways, and perhaps become much more financially rewarding in the future. Neptune will still be in your sign of Aquarius and your solar First House. This is another energy that draws you to a more spiritual path. You may also find that you enjoy taking on a more spiritual persona, or perhaps you are just softer and more ethereal than before. Pluto in Sagittarius continues to transform your social activities and group affiliations, putting the capstone on the pyramid of spiritual change in your life.

You want to bring forth a message that moves and changes others, probably in alignment with the spiritual, political, or social causes you care about most intensely.

The eclipses are a mixture this year, lighting up your Fourth and Tenth solar Houses (Taurus and Scorpio) as well as your Third and Ninth Houses (Aries and Libra). You will be called upon to blend the emphasis on survival over the past year with the ideals you want to fulfill in the future. This may result in a career or job change, or preparation for such a change through additional education.

2017 Career Horoscope


Aquarius 2017 Career Horoscope
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