Cancer 2017 Career Horoscope

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Planets entered new signs last year that were especially meaningful in your life. Now, Cancer, you are beginning to see just how this effect will unfold. Both Saturn and Uranus opened new doorways and placed new pressures on you that will continue to both facilitate and demand action on your part, determining the shape of this year and the years to come. In fact, reshaping your life is very much what 2017 is about.

Jupiter in practical Virgo and your solar Third House will spend much of its time invigorating your desire to learn, which has been active since late summer last year. You have always enjoyed studying—a surprise to those who don’t know you well. Your mental side will be emphasized, and your ability to absorb information strong enough to keep pace.

Jupiter has been here since August 27 of last year, so you are likely to already have discovered your area of inquiry and be awash in the world of new information. New knowledge always opens doorways to new possibilities, and after a long time in limbo you may especially welcome these new potentials, in spite of your natural inclination toward what is familiar and comfortable.

By September 24 of this year, when Jupiter enters Libra, the sign of balancing, your energy to learn at such a rapid pace will be spent, shifting to a desire to apply what you have been learning. You will begin to see a long road stretch out before you—one that, if you follow it, will lead to a pinnacle of success which will begin in about four years.

Jupiter’s position in Virgo is the ideal place to enhance the actions of Saturn for you. Saturn has been in your sign of Cancer since June 4 of last year, giving you something tangible to bite into.

By now you know what that is, what substance in your life requires focus. No matter what it has revealed in your life, fulfilling its promise means continuing to put your shoulder to the wheel. Chiron remains in the same sign it has traveled for the past two years: Capricorn. It will continue to reflect your relationships back to you, showing you the weaknesses in your own nature that inhibit your ability to connect with others, and the weaknesses in those around you. Uranus is now in Pisces, with no back-pedaling, for its seven-year sojourn in your solar Ninth House. We might say that Uranus has plagued you with ambiguity, and you have been faced with either forcing the issue or being patient.

Now, however, the gray- ness disappears: it’s time for action! Neptune in Aquarius, your solar Eighth House, continues to remind you that not all can be seen on the surface, that some of reality is hidden and can be known only through our instincts and intuitions. Pluto in Sagittarius also continues to dog your heels, perhaps in the form of people and environments that are as different from you as a fish from a bicycle. Remembering that they also hold a key to life (but not the only one) that will allow you to learn new tricks and make it through this strange land.

The Taurus/Scorpio eclipses in 2017 are in your Eleventh and Fifth Houses, bringing new social opportunities your way. This could mean anything from finding new friends and new groups to giving up old friends and organizations that no longer match who you are. Although you may be reluctant to move on, this means that you and your friends are changing and growing. Your social circle should reflect those changes as a positive thing. Eclipses in Aries and Libra (your solar Tenth and Fourth Houses) occur starting in April, leading you to find ways to make brilliant business choices based on the humans bonds you’ve been cultivating.

2017 Career Horoscope


Cancer 2017 Career Horoscope
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