Cancer 2016 Career Horoscope

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Cancer natives could have some nice financial surprises in 2016. And such surprising income will not come from their own work, job or business, but rather from some inheritance or unexpected earnings, because Neptune will be in the house of inheritance all the year round. In case you win the lottery, you'll have to be very careful what you spend your money on. A universal law says that there is no such thing as chance, that what we call haphazard is in fact a law we don't know yet. That means that even "chance earnings" have a purpose, especially that of teaching us a lesson, such as: what to do with money or how to administer it. Most of the times such large amounts of money are won by those who have to prove that they know how to administer it. Some of them think they should make donations, others think they should buy all they have ever wanted, and others simply waste it away, without realizing that they have failed this exam.In May 2016, Mars will cross Cancer's Tenth House. You long for social and professional recognition so badly that you are willing to "go over dead bodies" in order to succeed. You'll be very active and determined to take great risks.

In July 2016 you can get substantial income which will allow you to purchase the luxurious objects you have wanted for some time. Refrain from these expenses especially from the end of July to September 2016, when Venus is retrograde! If you are not ponderate, you might throw away everything you have earned so far. It's not indicated that you purchase art objects or jewelry in this period, because they will prove to be a bad investment. Be aware of your relationships with women, too, because they could bring you financial loss!

October 2016 will be a good month, due to the presence of Venus in Cancer's Second House. You are tempted to indulge yourself and you will be at risk - again! - of spending too much on useless things. In the month of presents, you might get the most precious gift: you could meet your great love at work. December 2016 will also find you full of creativity and team spirit. If your boss is a woman, she will be very gentle and understanding in this period.

2016 Career Horoscope

Cancer 2016 Career Horoscope
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