Capricorn 2017 Career Horoscope

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This is a watershed year for you, Capricorn! With Jupiter winging across the top of your chart and invigorated by Pluto, your thoughts are more prophetic and your actions more productive during 2017- Although you’ll be working hard, you’ll have the gratification of seeing your long-range plans becoming reality.

Jupiter is gliding seamlessly through your solar Ninth House from its position in Virgo. The pragmatic bent of those around you fits your approach to life exactly, and you’re finding it easy to get support for your philosophy and goals. You may be just the one to lead the way to an objective that’s one or two years off. This year, you’re laying the groundwork. This may mean that you need to prepare yourself through training or interaction in the real world, or perhaps you have something important to teach or communicate yourself. Either way, your mind is especially broad, your interests greatly expanded, and your insights unusually perceptive. You may feel like you have everything in proportion. You may also just feel like getting away, and if you need an escape valve, travel is a good one. Take to the woods, see a foreign land or culture, or just journey in consciousness by learning a new language or studying things exotic and unfamiliar.

You may find that spiritual studies draw you—anything from astrology to a religious path to meditation or healing. Your attunement is especially good now, so soak it up!

On September 25, Jupiter will enter Libra, and your time at the top begins. This means that you will receive lots of attention as well as respect for your work. Saturn, your ruling planet, is opposing your sign from Cancer and your solar Seventh House. This places relationships in the spotlight and suggests that you may need to work harder to make those long-term bonds successful.

Meanwhile Chiron, the wounded healer, is in your sign and your solar First House. You may be feeling a little vulnerable and misunderstood, seeing your own flaws through others’ eyes. The good news is that at least you’re receiving feedback, and you have to know what the problem is before you can correct it. You of all people know that it’s in your power to overcome obstacles if you know the score. Uranus is finally in a friendlier place for you: Pisces and your solar Third House. The craziness in your finances has abated, and now Uranus is affecting an area you can cope with: your ways of thinking and reaching out to the world around you.

Neptune continues to inhabit Aquarius and your Second House of resources, urging you to use your resources in ways that are spiritually correct for you. Any aspects of fantasy or romance—unless you use them in your creative process—are best eliminated from your financial life, or they will come to the surface and lead to mistakes. Pluto, the solar system’s plodding powerhouse, is hiding in the bushes of your solar Twelfth House. The truth of Pluto in Sagittarius will set you free, but only if you pay attention to it. The message is to be truthful with yourself about your morals and ethics in any actions you take, or they could blow up in your face. If you maintain the highest spiritual standards, you need not waver before any challenge.

The eclipses of 2017 fall in Taurus/Scorpio (your Fifth and Eleventh Houses) and Aries/Libra (your Fourth and Tenth Houses). They will bring your attention to your creative side and the way you use it in the outer world. You may seek a new balance between imagination, play, and practicality. They will also lead you to reexamine the way you harmonize your private life with your public life—such as how much you have left to give to those you love at the end of the day.

2017 Career Horoscope


Capricorn 2017 Career Horoscope
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