Capricorn 2016 Career Horoscope

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In the first part of April 2016, Venus’ transit through Capricorn’s Sixth House will lend you much creativity in the professional area. You will also enlist your colleagues’ (especially female colleagues’) sympathy more easily. In August and September 2016, Mars will be in Capricorn’s Sixth House and you will be full of energy and enthusiasm, willing to work over time if necessary. Anyway, one of the many qualities Capricorn has is commitment: you can be very committed to your job as long as your need of independence is respected. In the first part of November 2016, Venus will be in Capricorn’s Tenth House and will help you reap success after success, professionally speaking. You might get a promotion or simply consolidate your professional reputation. It’s not impossible to get support from women. At the end of September ember 2016, Mercury will be retrograde and could turn your reason upside down so you shouldn’t make important decisions regarding your career.

We already know that Capricorn natives are serious, hardworking and usually good at business, but in 2016 Neptune will be in their house of welfare all the time, which could make Capricorn natives be less realistic about the financial aspect. Neptune's transit doesn't have destructive effects, but predisposes to daydreaming, to art and spirituality, to introversion - and this attitude is not recommendable in business or money administration.

You could get the impression that nothing is right anymore. The same prudence is recommended when Mercury is retrograde (in the former half of January, the former half of May 2016 and the former half of October), when more caution is required in business, as well as small and well considered steps.

2016 Career Horoscope

Capricorn 2016 Career Horoscope
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