Gemini 2017 Career Horoscope

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New challenges await you, Gemini! You’ve worked hard over the past few years; now the results of those efforts start to emerge. Changes are afoot, so it’s good to remember as this year unfolds how much you like change. Your rewards will come to you over the next ten years. The changes you experience now will be active, visible, and perhaps dramatic, but this is more your cup of tea than the work without measurable progress that has marked the recent past.

Jupiter is in Virgo and your solar Fourth House, and Jupiter will energize you. It will be challenging you to put the plans you made three years ago into action, at least in a limited way. You may find yourself pulled away from home in the process of whatever you take on this year. You could move or travel extensively, or you may decide to enlarge or improve your home, buy a bigger one, or entertain more. You may also find yourself enjoying your family as never before, gathering everyone for a family reunion, or just becoming Party Central for a while.

Once Jupiter goes into Libra on September 24 you can look forward to a great burst of creative energy; you can either use it in an artistic way or pour it into leisure activities. Sports, entertainment, gambling, or getting that big-screen TV may come into focus then.

Saturn is in Cancer, a familiar place to you now, since it’s been there since last June. It takes the pressure off you personally, but you have probably been looking at your resources more carefully, since it’s now in your Second House. It may be time to budget for big goals. Chiron in Capricorn is providing feedback that you’ve been skating on thin financial ice. While it’s in your solar Eighth House, you can bet that all the weaknesses in your investments and financial plans will come to the surface. Now is a great time to heal your financial wounds. This could also indicate a time of occult study and exploration, since Chiron takes us between the worlds.

Uranus is presenting challenges from its new position in Pisces and your solar Tenth House. If you’ve ever felt the least bit confined by your current job, this feeling will become highlighted under Uranus’s influence. Neptune is still casting its spell over your Ninth House from its position in Aquarius.

If anyone can dream the impossible dream, it’s you right now! The dreams you have allow you to capture a part of the inner reality and reenact it in the ordinary world. Transformative Pluto is still casting its rays from your solar Seventh House, reminding you that you can’t live in a vacuum without the support and invigoration of others. That invigoration may occasionally be more accurately defined as control or disruption, but it can also be empowerment.

As you continue to take more responsibility for yourself and your actions, you will find that others find it easier to let go and allow you to do your own thing.

The eclipses are in Taurus/Scorpio, with the flavor of Aries/Libra introduced in April. They will be stirring up your solar Twelfth and Sixth Houses, as well as your Eleventh and Fifth. This suggests that you will gain benefits from working quietly behind the scenes until the springtime, developing your plans without the distractions of as much social contact as you are used to. Keeping your focus rather narrow for a time will not jeopardize your overall progress—in fact, it will stimulate it. The eclipses in Aries-Libra will shift your focus to creative expression. This suggests that your work will require imaginative or inventive input that only you can provide.

2017 Career Horoscope


Gemini 2017 Career Horoscope
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