Leo 2017 Career Horoscope

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Health and well-being are the key words for you in 2017, Leo. Your eyes turn inward—not your normal M.O.—to get your inner house in order in a bigger way. You’ll be looking at everything from personal finances to diet and lifestyle to what you do for fun. You may be evaluating ways to increase your earning power and improve your partnerships as well.

All in all, you may not be your usual happy-go-lucky self this year, but you’ll end up banking happiness bucks that you can draw on in the long-term future.

Jupiter will begin its yearly sojourn in Virgo and your Second House. This is a fantastic time for you financially, if you spend wisely. The chances are good that you will spend more than usual, but that’s all in keeping with Jupiter.

You’ll have more coming in as well; just make sure that you spend it on things you really want. Sometimes your passions may lead you to desire something that, after a month’s time, you’ve forgotten about entirely. Since Jupiter only travels through your Second House once every twelve years, you may want to make sure that you can anticipate getting twelve years’ value out of what you purchase, either in terms of use or in terms of where it can take you over the next three to six years.

On September 25, Jupiter enters Libra, which will feel more comfortable for you. You can launch plans to learn and communicate with vigor and success. Outreach is the key word, and that’s virtually your middle name! Expect your relationships with neighbors and siblings to warm as well. In fact, it might be good to cultivate them. If you are involved in conducting business on a local scale at all, this is an excellent time to focus your marketing within one day’s travel radius. You will generate prosperity with both new and old customers.

Saturn remains in Cancer and your Twelfth House this year, where it has been since June 3 last year. You are already acquainted with what this is about, but you may not have been able to put your finger on how to deal with it. Your health, spirituality, and feelings of freedom may draw your scrutiny during this time. Chiron remains in Capricorn and your Sixth House for a third year, pulling your focus toward your lifestyle and work environment. Because Chiron is opposite (across the chart from) Saturn, it suggests that a way of living may have started to take its toll on your long-term health.

You may be showing new symptoms or have a new diagnosis of a previously mild problem. However, this is an ideal time to face the situation and resolve the issue satisfactorily. Uranus has entered Pisces for good now, which means that it is in your solar Eighth House of linked finances. Those on whom your financial well-being depend may have some surprises for you this year. From its position in Aquarius, Neptune will continue to fog your vision where rela-tionships are concerned. Allowing its truth to penetrate gently will bring the best out of this experience. Pluto is still empowering you from Sagittarius and your Fifth House. You can continue to draw on intense creative energies throughout 2017.

The eclipses, the most powerful of Sun and Moon contacts, fall in Taurus/Scorpio and your Tenth and Fourth Houses, as well as Aries/Libra and your Ninth and Third Houses. Since last year, you’ve probably felt like your very survival is at stake. It’s time to take some action—make some decisions about home, family, and career that you can stay with for the next nine years. You will find that tapping deeply held ideals and goals will help you make the best decisions.

2017 Career Horoscope


Leo 2017 Career Horoscope
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