Leo 2016 Career Horoscope

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From the end of July to October 2016, it’s not recommended to start activities that require creativity. From the end of November 2016 to the end of the year, Jupiter will be in Leo’s Sixth House. You are an excellent teammate, you work very efficiently and your bosses will take notice of it. You might get a promotion or at least some training opportunities (courses, business trips). If you intend to ask for a raise, this is the best time to do it. Between September and December 2016, Saturn’s presence in Leo’s Second House can make you be more prudent, more economical and more ambitious. In the latter half of December 2016, Saturn will be in retrograde movement. You have the tendency to be cheaper than ever because you fear some financial loss. And this fear and excessive prudence of yours could be the very cause of such a loss, if it happens.In 2016, Leo natives will have to revise their set of values in the area of business and welfare. Saturn's presence in the house of income provokes a certain financial discomfort. You might benefit from your work with a certain delay but, at the same time, you'll become more responsible regarding the way you spend your money.

At the same time, Pluto has a less pleasant influence on Leo's house of work and career. You might encounter problems in this areas, especially from dictator-like bosses. But, as a Lion that you are, you have a strong personality, you like ruling and being listened to, and this kind of situations at work are difficult to stand. Maybe it is one of the reasons for which you start making plans for starting your own business. Unfortunately, Leo's house of business is deserted in 2016.

This gives you more freedom of action, but don't expect help of the stars (as you shouldn't expect "obstacles" of them). Besides all this, Uranus will be in the house of changes all year round in 2016 and it makes you reconsider your priorities, and change your point of view and set of values as regards money and business.

2016 Career Horoscope

Leo 2016 Career Horoscope
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