Libra 2017 Career Horoscope

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If you’ve done your work over the past ten years, this will be a pinnacle year for you, Libra! You’re still working your inner development, adjusting your lifestyle to support the long-term changes you want to make in your life. Some of those will be yours this year, but you’ll need to continue to balance the demands of your career with the needs of those in your personal life.

Jupiter is in your solar Twelfth House and in the sign of Virgo for most of the year. Jupiter will take you inward, which can be rejuvenating. We have the most energy and our experiences go best for us when our intentions and actions come from the soul level. While Jupiter is here, you can access this part of your nature more easily and draw from its strength and grandeur. You can tap into it to rediscover the joy in the path you have chosen—or determine if the path you are on is truly right for you. You may feel like retreating from the world—studying, working on a big project away from inquisitive eyes, or meditating away your attachments. You may be drawn to nature: hiking, climbing, camping, or woodland studies may bring you the peace and solitude you periodically crave. After September 24 Jupiter will be in your home sign of Libra. This will bring you out of the background and into the world of people once again. You may wonder why you wanted to hibernate when there is so much opportunity to be had! People will naturally notice you now, and may even bring offers of great potential your way. The challenge is to decide which of these offers are in alignment with your true path, and then to nurture them to fulfillment. This is the start of a new twelve-year cycle, so you have half that to bring the fruit to ripeness, so make the choices based on what you want to accomplish during this time.

Saturn is in your solar Tenth House in Cancer, where it has been since last June 3. This allows you to create a more sustainable level of success. Saturn at the top of your solar chart can be a pinnacle if you’ve done your work over the past ten years. Chiron in Capricorn and your solar Fourth House suggests that you may feel you have to make sacrifices on the home front in order to gain career fulfillment. You may also be challenged to shake off those old feelings of insecurity in order to step into more of a leadership position. Uranus is your friend starting this year—as much as it is anyone’s! It is creating harmonious fun and excitement from your solar Ninth House and challenging you to reach for the stars.

Possibility thinking will serve you well this year. Neptune is still in your solar Eighth House, remaining in Aquarius. By now you should be at least numbed to the uncertainty in your financial sources. However, the true lesson here is that you can’t control where your resources come from. You can choose amongst the various sources, but whether they respond according to your expectations is in the hands of Spirit. Pluto continues to leave its large footprint in your solar Sixth House and Sagittarius. You will be wise to remain vigilant in looking for potential threats to your health and to persist in making lifestyle improvements. Your work environment is ever- changing, so some stress-management is probably in order as well.

The four eclipses this year are split between Taurus/Scorpio and Aries/Libra. While they are in Taurus and Scorpio, you will need to sustain your efforts at better managing your money. When Aries and Libra are triggered, your focus will turn to your self and your relationships. You may want to change the way you function in your relationships, perhaps claiming more psychological space than you have in the past.

2017 Career Horoscope


Libra 2017 Career Horoscope
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