Pisces 2017 Career Horoscope

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It’s time to put away your shrinking violet image and step into a role of higher prominence, Pisces! Most of the planets are in the public Houses of your solar chart, so your road to personal satisfaction lies there. Add to this the fact that Uranus has entered your Sun sign at last, and you have a recipe for a sparkling future!

Jupiter is contacting your Sun from its Seventh House of relationships and agreements. Last August-September, you probably encountered some unexpected plot twists that established a new reality for you.

You caught a glimpse of just what the next seven years have in store. Now, Jupiter is helping you act this out, with the focus on your relationships.

You may find that relationship opportunities abound, or that someone in that part of your life has suddenly taken off, whether through travel, a change in attitude or lifestyle, or a decision to end the relationship. If your career or business relies at all on partnerships or one-on-one interactions, you’ll find that more activity—and chances are more money—are flowing your way.

You will undoubtedly encounter Jovian people during this time: those who are larger than life, wealthy, or have something to teach you. Beware the ones who make it all sound so simple or have a get rich quick scheme. After September 24, Jupiter enters Libra and your solar Eighth House.

This may bring more money to your bank account—the result of the past few years’ effort. You may also gain some unearned resources, such as funds from insurance claims, bequests, or investments: Your partner may also be reaping greater rewards. In addition, Jupiter may lead you to a new enthusiasm for depth studies—those that teach us how the universe really ticks, like magic, alchemy, I Ching, astrology, or tarot. If you are employed in the world of finance in any way, this promises to begin a stellar time for you, as long as you serve your client before yourself.

Saturn flows easily with your Sun from its position in Cancer and your solar Fifth House. Your ways of reaching out to others have more purpose now, and you may even turn a fun activity—a hobby for instance—into a money-making venture. Chiron is still in Capricorn and your solar Eleventh House. You may find that the groups you’ve long been affiliated with are not headed in the same direction you are. You may want to be associated with those who have more depth to them or are more authentic. If your interests have turned to healing lately, this is Chiron’s stamp. A group whose main interest is healing in some way may give you the direction you’re looking for.

You’ll find Uranus in your own Sun sign and solar First House for the first of seven years.

You have been feeling this since March of last year, but more prominently during the summer and early fall. This placement promises the joys of the unexpected, so use your inventive imagination to make the most of them. Neptune stays in Aquarius and your solar Twelfth House for another year, giving you a direct-line connection to the inner realms. It may encourage you to march to the beat of a different drummer—just make sure that you have one foot in reality when you do. Pluto in Sagittarius and your solar Tenth House continues to invite you to take more control of your life and its direction. The more you empower yourself by taking responsibility for what is yours (and let go of what isn’t), the more you will move with Pluto’s force.

The eclipses of 2017 are a mixture of Taurus/Scorpio (your Third and Ninth solar Houses) and Aries/Libra (your Second and Eighth houses). You’ll be working on a way to turn your communication skills into money, perhaps through publishing or marketing.

2017 Career Horoscope


Pisces 2017 Career Horoscope
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