Sagittarius 2017 Career Horoscope

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This is another year of change, growth, and expansion, Sagittarius—just your cup of tea! With Pluto still in your sign and Jupiter activating it from your solar Tenth House, you’ll be able to gain the benefit in career and business that you’ve been building toward since nine years ago. Other influences allow you to grow in your personal life as well, so this promises to be a year of well-rounded accomplishment.

Jupiter in Virgo is making a dynamic contact to your Sun from your solar Tenth House until September 25. This is energizing to your business and career life, and it may be conducive to promotion or increased recognition and authority, if the other conditions in your life are ripe for it.

You may experience higher levels of achievement. For instance, if you are in sales, you may reach a new record in your sales level or win a sales award.

You will also experience the culmination of efforts you’ve been putting forth for the past nine years—and particularly the last two or three. Something you’ve written may go into publication; or you may be selected to speak on behalf of many, or before a large audience. All of this involves hard work, but there was never a better time for it. Jupiter, your ruling planet, points to where you should put your effort for the greatest success. On September 25, Jupiter enters Libra and your solar Eleventh House.

This will continue Jupiter’s sweep through the success and recognition part of your chart. Now the emphasis will be on people—your good contacts with others and your ability to seek success through association. This may be networking through organizations, conferences, seminars, or other group events. You could also receive group recognition during Jupiter’s year in Libra as well, or you may find yourself speaking before groups, whether large or small.

Saturn in Cancer is traveling your solar Eighth House, suggesting that a more sober approach to your finances may be in order. Chances are, you have an excessive burden at this time, and it is time to tighten the belt a little, at the very least.

Chiron is still in Capricorn and this year opposes Saturn from across the heavens. Together, they point out how our fears undermine our well-being. With Chiron in your solar Second House, you may find that any weaknesses in your financial situation are based on weaknesses in your resources—not just money, but time, skills and possessions. You may realize with great clarity just what is lacking and how to correct the situation during this time. Uranus is now fully into Pisces and begins to send its wake-up call your way from a more challenging position than it has been in over the past seven years.

Now the emphasis is on your foundation: your home, family, past, and parents. Neptune is still moving slowly through Aquarius and your solar Third House. Your old ways of thinking and communicating are still dissolving. Although annoying at times, this is a good thing, because new insights and attitudes flow in as the old ones fade away. Powerful Pluto is inching through Sagittarius and your solar First House. If you think you’ve been completely transformed, just see what’s next! Since transmutation and transcendence are part and parcel of your nature, you’ll weather the changes to come with grace and wit, so milk it for all it’s worth!

The eclipses find themselves in the Sixth/Twelfth House (Taurus/Scorpio) and Fifth/Eleventh House (Aries/Libra) axes of your solar chart. You’ll be splitting your attention between the health and service focus of the former and the social/creative focus of the latter. You may find yourself torn between working behind the scenes and being out front where all eyes rest on you.

2017 Career Horoscope


Sagittarius 2017 Career Horoscope
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