Sagittarius 2016 Career Horoscope

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The year 2016 promises to be rich for Sagittarius natives. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, couldn't have had a better position than in Sagittarius' house of welfare. Therefore, the way to welfare is free. But you should know by now that all stars can do is create a predisposition, but not make it real, which means that it's up to you for them to materialize. But - why is there always a "but"? - Pluto, which pushes to excesses, is transiting Sagittarius' house of welfare in 2016, so that there is the risk of losing way too easy what you've got by Jupiter's benevolence. Be moderate and don't pay until you are sure it's good quality! Finally, Saturn will be in the house of business and social hierarchy all the year round in 2016. Since Saturn is the "prosecutor" of the zodiac, any mistake in business and hierarchic relations (both with superiors and subordinates) could cost you a lot.In September 2016, Saturn will be in Sagittarius’ Tenth House, giving you much ambition and working capacity. Because you work very hard and very efficiently, you will gain everyone’s esteem.

In October, you will be at your best again and you will assert yourself due to your personal charm and talents. At the end of November and throughout December 2016, Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius’ Second House will bring you an excellent financial period. You can earn much money but you’ll also be tempted to spend very much. Mind the excesses! At work, you will accomplish your goals quite easily. If you have a leading position, be careful about the way you use your capacity to exploit the others! In the last part of December 2016, Saturn will be retrograde. In conclusion, you might encounter some obstacles, professionally speaking.

You’ve got used to being appreciated for your hard work and reliability and you can’t seem to be able to accept that sometimes problems can occur. You don’t have to become shadowy! You can rely on your friends’ help, on the condition that you don’t keep them away with your pessimism.

2016 Career Horoscope

Sagittarius 2016 Career Horoscope
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