Scorpio 2016 Career Horoscope

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In 2016, Scorpio's biggest problem regarding welfare is not to lose what they have saved so far. The house of welfare is under Pluto's influence, which means a tendency towards excesses. Therefore, eAstrolog advises you to be moderate and to plan all your expensive acquisitions well in advance. In January and February 2016, when Mars is transiting Scorpio's house of inheritance, you'll have to refrain from spending excessively. If you get some money you weren't hoping for or some inheritance, moderation only can help you not to waste it. The middle way is always the best. You can save up, but without sacrifices, you can spend, but making sure that there is enough left for other occasions too. This is your opportunity to prove that you're a good administrator. In April-August 2016, when Pluto is retrograde, you'd better not impose your point of view on the others, because you'll be tempted to become a little dictator.In May 2016, it’s Mars’ turn to enter Scorpio’s Sixth House.

You’ll have more energy and you’ll be in an excellent physical shape. Your bosses will appreciate your ambition, spontaneity and especially your efficiency. In the same month, May 2016, Venus will be in Scorpio’s Tenth House, encouraging you to go out more, to participate in social events. Due to Saturn’s presence in your Tenth House, you won’t be interested in anything except for your career in this period, but don’t forget that participating in social events can be useful to your career, too. You’ll have the chance to get support from an influential woman. Be very careful in August and in the first part of September 2016, when Venus is retrograde. Consequently, there is the danger of being involved in public scandals and of sustaining great loss because of women.

You might also be disappointed socially and professionally. In December 2016, when Venus is in Scorpio’s Second House, you will be tempted to spend much money to indulge yourself in buying expensive things such as jewelry, works of art, make clothes. Make sure you don’t exaggerate because you might find yourself in a difficult financial situation!

2016 Career Horoscope

Scorpio 2016 Career Horoscope
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