Taurus 2017 Career Horoscope

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Since the middle of last year, when the eclipses moved into your sign, you’ve been looking at your life with a fresh eye. You’ve even thrown over some of your traditional ways of perceiving the world for novel perspectives. This year, as the eclipses complete their transit of Taurus, you’ll put the finishing touches on the changes afoot.

Until September 25, Jupiter in Virgo will be traveling through your solar Fifth House and making a resonant trine to your Sun. This is your open invitation to go out and have some fun! If you’re open to romance, the time may be right for you this year, since Jupiter can bring many people in your direction. Sports may bring extra enjoyment, too, or children may enrich your days. It’s wonderful when the cosmos gives us the green light to seek pleasure, so go ahead, Taurus—indulge! You may also find joy in travel, even if it’s to the local lake or mountains. Risk-taking activities, from playing the horses to sky-diving, might be atypical for you, but you could surprise everyone and indulge.

Once Jupiter enters Libra you will feel drawn to more serious endeavors, but there’ll still be room for your artistic flair. The emphasis will be on work—lots of it. Reward won’t be far behind, though, where Jupiter is concerned. If you need to reform some of your habits and health routines, you may find it difficult right now, because Jupiter makes us feel like it will all be okay in the end. So, while you’re enjoying all those rich chocolates, make sure to plan tomorrow’s workout.

Saturn will draw your attention to your solar Third House from its position in Cancer. Since last June you’ve felt your efforts shift toward your surroundings in some way. Perhaps you are marketing your services more locally, or perhaps a sibling or other member of your extended family is in your life more. You may also find that you want to take on a communication project or learn a new skill. Chiron is in Capricorn for its third year, traveling through your solar Ninth House. You may find that you want to learn more about healing and health care; you may see this as a political issue, or you may want to become trained as a healer or health care professional. Personally, you may find that there are holes in the philosophy you thought previously was airtight, leading you to question more deeply the principles you took for granted.

Uranus is in Pisces for the first full year in 2017, inhabiting your solar Eleventh House. This moves the emphasis of sudden adjustment and change into a more harmonious zone. Dreamy Neptune spends another year in Aquarius and your solar Tenth House, perhaps making you wonder if you are being fanciful when you call your career a path.

You may feel directionless, or think that it’s impossible to plan ahead, because it all just seems so vague. Or you may find that the career you’ve chosen lacks the imagination you require to hold your interest. Pluto is once more in Sagittarius, transforming your life in the Eighth House from your Sun. Once again, you are challenged to combine principles with financial gain. It’s not enough for you to make money; you must support the right causes or it won’t work for you.

The eclipses of 2017 are shaking up your identity as well as your relationships with others. Since last year you’ve been surprising the people around you by making the changes you’ve been threatening to make for years. Now you feel as if you must act, whether to escape difficult circumstances or to go toward something you’ve always dreamed of. Because there are also eclipses in Aries and Libra, you’ll find come April that the emphasis is shifting to ways that you can serve others, as well as health and well-being. It will be a time of hard work, but not without its rewards!

2017 Career Horoscope


Taurus 2017 Career Horoscope
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