Dog Today Chinese Horoscope

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Tuesday, April 13: The Rabbit day does not promise serious emotional turmoil. Diplomatic abilities of this animal will help resolve any conflict. On Tuesday, you can begin to implement your plans, others will gladly meet you. If you are not sure about your feelings, do not break the relationship. The Yin-Metal element will give your character softness and flexibility. Try to see your relationship in a new light. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today does not exclude that the situation will change for the better soon. There is a danger of overeating. An imbalance of Metal energy causes pain and rumbling in the stomach. Do not succumb to the gluttony characteristic of 2 lunar day, drink more liquid, preferably a rosehip broth. If you seek to improve your financial situation, do not get involved in financial adventures. It is unlikely that you will be able to increase your income without doing anything, the Chinese horoscope assures you: how well you work, so satisfying and eat.

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