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Thursday, October 1: Anything related to the present day should not cause you a sense of anxiety and fear. According to the Chinese calendar, the Ox day promises a smooth flow of business. On Thursday, trouble will not have serious consequences if you refrain from rash actions. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today does not exclude conflicts and misunderstandings in the family. The Yin-Fire element is characterized by inconstancy, frequent change of moods. If you are unhappy with your partner, do not rush to shout about it to the whole world. Give yourself time to calm down. Overeating can negatively affect your health. The Dragon hour instills vain hopes and gives reason to relax. Eat wisely, eat calcium-containing foods to strengthen your vessels. There are things in life that you cannot change. Revise your behavior, focus on family values, according to the Chinese horoscope: at home always okay, away from home always awkward.

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