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Wednesday, 22 January: Favorable time for beginnings. On Wednesday, do not exclude any scenario. Do not be afraid to make the most ambitious plans. On the Rat day, any case arises, ranging from solving small household problems to resolving work issues. Probably the love relationship will become less tense. The energy of Yang-Wood will help keep calm and avoid misunderstanding. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today urges you to abandon aggression and insults to your partner. You will notice progress in the relationship. On the 28 lunar day, the eyes are especially vulnerable: try to read less, avoid bright light. An imbalance in the Wood energy affects the quality of vision. For prevention, do visual gymnastics. Keep calm when in doubt about your decision. A confident stance will do more good than messy fuss. According to the Chinese horoscope: flexible grass is submissive to the wind.

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