Dragon Today Chinese Horoscope

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Saturday, January 16: Traditionally, the Rat day is associated with household chores. On Saturday, you better direct your efforts to the improvement of the surrounding space. Any practical activity will give excellent results, and most importantly, a feeling of satisfaction from the work done. It is a good time for the device privacy. If you are actively searching, Yang-Wood energy will help you gain confidence in your own attractiveness. The Chinese horoscope for Dragon today foreshadows the rapid development of love relationships. Diseases of the 4 lunar day have psychological symptoms. Excessive of Wood energy can arouse inner fears. Try to work out personal problems, for complete relaxation, practice Shavasana. If you are willing to take risks for high goals, think about the possible consequences. Prepare the escape routes in advance, the Chinese horoscope recommends: when checking the depth of the stream, do not do this with both feet.

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