Horse Today Chinese Horoscope

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Tuesday, April 13: The Rabbit day does not promise serious emotional turmoil. Diplomatic abilities of this animal will help resolve any conflict. On Tuesday, you can begin to implement your plans, others will gladly meet you. Ardent confessions of love await you. The magical, fascinating energy of Yin-Metal will help you to attract attention. The Chinese Horoscope for Horse today advises you to be fully prepared: make a beautiful haircut, think carefully about your outfit. Use herbal medicine to restore natural radiance to the skin. The Goat hour is filled with playfulness and coquetry, it’s time to do your beauty. Herbal wraps and masks will have an effective result. You can get out of the vicious circle of empty troubles if you begin to calmly respond to inevitable situations. Do not look for difficulties where they are not there, the Chinese horoscope assures: the devil gives birth to its own mind.

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