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Saturday, January 16: Traditionally, the Rat day is associated with household chores. On Saturday, you better direct your efforts to the improvement of the surrounding space. Any practical activity will give excellent results, and most importantly, a feeling of satisfaction from the work done. Take care of your personal life. The Yang-Wood energy brings goodness and compassion into the world. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse today advises to direct all forces to strengthen the family union. Abstracted from the outside world, think only about yourself and your loved one. To improve your mood, take yourself a short break during the working day. The Monkey hour is favorable for these purposes, its energy will give inspiration and determination to overcome life’s difficulties. If you are confused in your feelings or trying to turn the tide of events, stop. The Chinese horoscope reminds: if there is a rise, there is a descent. Your problems are not unique, they can be dealt with.

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