Monkey Today Chinese Horoscope

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Sunday, April 18: The ancient sages believed that the Monkey day was meant for jokes and fun. May you fail to solve important problems on Sunday, but positive emotions are guaranteed. Allow yourself to enjoy life in all its manifestations. In matters of personal nature, success is expected. The impact of Yang-Fire will strengthen your leadership skills. Use circumstances to your advantage. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey today promises mutual understanding in the family. The partner will not obstruct you. The sixth lunar day is favorable for strengthening immunity. Violation of the circulation of Fire energy causes inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. To improve the body and spirit, practice Kundalini Yoga. Never be indifferent to the problems of children. If your relationship does not have warmth and trust, try to rectify the situation. The Chinese horoscope warns: it has begun to rain — it’s too late to run after the umbrella.

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