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Saturday, January 16: Traditionally, the Rat day is associated with household chores. On Saturday, you better direct your efforts to the improvement of the surrounding space. Any practical activity will give excellent results, and most importantly, a feeling of satisfaction from the work done. If you want fresh sensations, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox advises today to think about a romantic date. Yang-Wood element can wake up a volcano of passion in you. Do not suppress your desires, spend time with your loved one in a pleasant atmosphere. Refuse culinary experiments, eat moderately. The Goat hour is unpredictable, it does not give a sense of security. For health, use natural juices, green smoothies are especially useful. Arm yourself with experience and knowledge to prove your professionalism. Do not be afraid to break the boundaries and go beyond the generally accepted boundaries, the Chinese horoscope claims: a man does not go astray from learning.

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