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Thursday, October 1: Anything related to the present day should not cause you a sense of anxiety and fear. According to the Chinese calendar, the Ox day promises a smooth flow of business. On Thursday, trouble will not have serious consequences if you refrain from rash actions. The element of Yin-Fire will help you cope with love experiences. The Chinese horoscope for the Ox today offers to turn to the experience of the older generation. Do not aggravate the situation, do not make tantrums. It is better to honestly confess to your partner in your fears. Go in for sports, but without fanaticism. The Goat hour is full of uncertainty, there is a risk of injury. Plan a visit to the pool, aqua yoga classes help to restore and strengthen blood vessels. To prevent a conflict in business and personal relations, watch your words. The Chinese horoscope recalls: sometimes an unspoken word is like a peal of thunder. Preserve the nobility.

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