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Thursday, October 1: Anything related to the present day should not cause you a sense of anxiety and fear. According to the Chinese calendar, the Ox day promises a smooth flow of business. On Thursday, trouble will not have serious consequences if you refrain from rash actions. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat today warns about changes in personal life. The energy of Yin-Fire is too unstable and changeable to hope for a stronger relationship. Keep your emotions under control, do not turn the conversation with a partner into a noisy scandal. Do not ignore alarming symptoms; heart and blood vessel problems may worsen. The energy of the Goat hour is too variable, various incidents are likely. For sedation, take sedatives. If you do not have enough exposure, watch your words. Before criticizing, listen to the advice of the Chinese horoscope: whoever speaks badly of others is not good himself. Think about the consequences.

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