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Tuesday, March 31: Try to concentrate on work, be decisive and persistent in achieving your goals. Traditionally, the Rooster day is associated with activity and inexhaustible fervor. On Tuesday, you are able to captivate even the inveterate skeptics with your ideas. Feel free to get down to business — luck is on your side. The changeable energy of Yin-Water can exacerbate feelings of anxiety and fear. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat today does not exclude a crisis in personal relationships. Do not hush up your problems, if your family life is far from ideal, start changing it. In the evening, take time for yourself and your health. The Pig hour tunes in a good-natured manner, everything around is disposed to appeasement. Use herbal masks and wraps to restore the beauty of hair and skin. Take the time to invest in yourself to raise a worthy generation. There is no better example than a personal one, which is why the Chinese horoscope advises that only what was in it can be poured from a jug into a bowl.

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