Rooster Today Chinese Horoscope

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Tuesday, April 13: The Rabbit day does not promise serious emotional turmoil. Diplomatic abilities of this animal will help resolve any conflict. On Tuesday, you can begin to implement your plans, others will gladly meet you. Chinese horoscope for Rooster today promises a romantic relationship. If you are in search of a partner, do not miss your chance. The energy of Yin-Metal is like the brilliance of gems, you will not go unnoticed. Be fully prepared, think over your image to the smallest detail. Training is not forbidden, but caution is welcome. The Rabbit hour makes it impossible to show your strong-willed qualities, it is better to lie low for a while. Limit yourself to light exercises and breathing exercises. In any situation, the ability to control oneself is useful. A quick-tempered and stubborn character can cause many problems, the Chinese horoscope advises: endure anger and goodbye to the other — the trouble itself will go away.

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