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Tuesday, March 31: Try to concentrate on work, be decisive and persistent in achieving your goals. Traditionally, the Rooster day is associated with activity and inexhaustible fervor. On Tuesday, you are able to captivate even the inveterate skeptics with your ideas. Feel free to get down to business — luck is on your side. Probably your personal happiness is at stake. The Yin-Water elements are characterized by indecision, softness and pliability. You may be confused in your feelings. Chinese horoscope for Rooster today advises to protect their personal lives from the eyes of outsiders. Do not go on about other people’s desires. Devote your evening to hair care, on the 7th lunar day thermal procedures are especially useful. If there is a violation of the circulation of Water energy, hair loss is observed. Use hot oil wraps. Keep in touch with people close to you in spite of eternal busyness. Be sensitive, don’t become isolated, the Chinese horoscope reminds: mutual trust is the basis of friendship.

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