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Wednesday, 22 January: Favorable time for beginnings. On Wednesday, do not exclude any scenario. Do not be afraid to make the most ambitious plans. On the Rat day, any case arises, ranging from solving small household problems to resolving work issues. In the case of love failure, you will have to make a lot of effort to achieve harmony in your personal life. The Yang-Wood element will help you gain self-confidence. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today advises you to disengage from negativity and personal problems. On 28 lunar day, cleansing procedures are useful. The deficiency of the Wood element causes disturbances in bile metabolism. Refuse excesses, use choleretic drinks from beet and turnip. If you do not want to be content with mediocre results, constantly improve. The Chinese horoscope reminds: when a person has a lot of free time, he will achieve little.

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