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Wednesday, 11 December: According to the Chinese calendar, the Horse day has to rash actions. On Wednesday, you are able to turn the world around, if, of course, there is a need. Do not limit yourself to desires, but still try to keep sober thinking. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today does not exclude romantic dating. The impulsive, impetuous energy of Yang-Water will help you find personal happiness. If you are in search of a partner, do not hesitate to frankly indicate your intentions. On 15 lunar day, any cosmetic procedures are effective. With Water deficiency, the skin becomes dry, itching and irritation appear. Adjust your diet for foods rich in vitamin B and E. Impulsive spending can hit my wallet hard. You will be able to cope with financial difficulties if you heed the advice of the Chinese horoscope: be careful when the bins are full. Do not make debts.

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