Tiger Today Chinese Horoscope

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Tuesday, March 31: Try to concentrate on work, be decisive and persistent in achieving your goals. Traditionally, the Rooster day is associated with activity and inexhaustible fervor. On Tuesday, you are able to captivate even the inveterate skeptics with your ideas. Feel free to get down to business — luck is on your side. Probably, you will experience excitement due to unstable personal relationships. The energy of Yin-Water is so unpredictable that any outcome of the case is possible. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today advises not to lose hope, soon your personal life will improve. Save your energy if you want to avoid overwork. At the Rabbit hour, failure is perceived especially hard, you can lose confidence in yourself. Use meditation practices to replenish energy. The desire to do everything at once can play a trick on you. The Chinese horoscope warns: he raised sesame seeds from the ground, and lost a watermelon. Learn to see the main thing and not waste time on the secondary.

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