Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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A little tension about commitment and/or decisions may surface in close personal relationships. Group hesitation happens because of the fear of making wrong choices. Hold the good thoughts and talk.

Looking for love is a risk this month. WYSIWYG—what you see isn’t what you get but what you’re tricked into believing. The person is fascinating, however. The antidote is that you really, really have to get to know someone. Time is your friend.

Professionally, discontent isn’t all bad, you know. Do you feel it? That’s what leads to something upon which to build in the 30 days that follow the September 28 Libra new moon phase. Explore! Investigate online, connect relationships, as in one person leads to someone else. Think educational, legal, and philanthropic associations where you also learn even more. It’s all about reaching a little higher within the right network of contacts. Last but not least, reach a little higher now.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope