Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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You might be extra busy in August, but try to prioritize time for fun in the sunshine. You may have fewer free moments, but within close personal relationships it’s quality all the way.

It’s also an auspicious time if you’re a Dog looking for love. The opportunity exists to find genuine affection. Opposites attract, by the way, and the relationship works.

Professionally, even if it is the “dog days” of summer, stay cool. Thoughts may tend to overwhelm emotions, and the office isn’t the place for everything to surface, especially in the 30 days that follow the July 31 new moon. Detach, restore focus, and come back refreshed. One challenge may be through the “playing to win” competition going on. Keep an eye out and you can outsmart them. Beware of competitors who are quiet about it. Those are fellow Dogs and Oxen. They aren’t broadcasting, but they aren’t idle either.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope