Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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You worked hard last year and now things are ready to pop. A successful launch of a product or service could happen at the beginning of the month. The full moon on February 8 brings some very helpful people, investors, or even a combination of romance with business help. You're getting good publicity or recognition at your job. An increase in your earnings can be expected, even if it takes a few weeks to manifest.

You're busy, yet it's very important to get enough rest and take care of yourself. Mercury goes retrograde midmonth, and while this will slow things down a little bit and cause some paperwork issues, it won’t affect your success.

The new moon on the twenty-third reveals someone who has admired you for some time. They see you more clearly than you see yourself. Accept their compliments and recognize their wisdom.

Getting together with a sibling toward the end of the month is good. However, Venus squares Pluto around that time, so you want to avoid fighting with family members.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope