Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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There's very strong relationship energy for Dog natives in the month of April. You might be deciding to live with your sweetheart, or perhaps you're getting married. The water Dragon month begins on April 4, and it would be good to sit down with your significant other and talk about the future. If you're looking for love, be systematic about the process rather than leave things to chance. Check out dating apps or find a matchmaker.

The new moon is on the eleventh, and you're actively working on paperwork. This could be for school, such as a book report or term paper, or you might be writing a novel or screenplay. It's good to focus on getting this done by using productivity hacks you find online. Also, remember to save your work and have a backup plan just in case.

The full moon is on April 26, and you're in the spotlight. This could mean you’re singled out for some recognition at your job. But this could also mean that information you put out on social media is noticed and even goes viral. It would be a good idea to stay positive, because controversial posts could follow you for a long time.

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