Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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For Dog natives, January brings an end to a contract or handshake agreement. This might be a reason to celebrate if you've been kind of bored. On January 5, the Ox month begins, and there’s a focus for the next few weeks on beautifying or improving your home. You might be redecorating or doing some spring cleaning really early. And while things might unfold over a longer period of time, you're anxious to get going. Whatever you can declutter is beneficial now.

There's a new moon on the twelfth, and Dog natives need a break. See if you can take a little time off, ideally to meditate, get extra rest, and plan the upcoming year. Your intuition is strong during this time, but you’re physically in need of a nice massage or someone's healing touch.

There's a full moon on January 28, and Mercury goes retrograde two days later. Dog natives enter a two-week period that could be one of your most significant in a long time. The last year shook your confidence, but now you are restored. Now it's time to expand your reach by asking for a salary increase at your job, doing more marketing for your business, or promoting yourself online.

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