Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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This month, there is a focus around self-care and giving yourself some time for rest and recuperation. You shouldn’t neglect your sleep. Around the full moon on August 3, you will most likely feel renewed energy, especially if you’ve switched your diet to healthier fare. The fifth begins the Monkey month, and you may have friends pulling you in multiple directions. Follow the friends who have embraced a healthy lifestyle, maybe all the way to a hike in the park.

August 18 brings the new moon to focus on your area of relationships. Around this time, you could have a really significant encounter and conversation with a special someone. You can make a real soul connection at this time.

Your high-energy day is the twenty-sixth. You might receive a message of congratulations or an award. This could be due to something you've entered or a supervisor who goes out of their way to show you how much you’re appreciated by co-workers or customers. This could be a good time for a discussion about a raise or a position that brings more responsibility and opportunities.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope