Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Your charisma is strong this month. Everyone wants to tell you how good you look. Your natural modesty waves these compliments away, but it would be good to realize they are right.

A job opportunity could come through after the lunar eclipse on January 10. To capitalize on this energy, make sure you have sent out your resumes early and reached out to former colleagues on career websites.

At your current job, you may be finishing up a large project. There are some concerns that someone on your team has fallen behind or is absent and their piece of the project is missing. You might be able to move the deadline, but it would be ideal to finish up the project before the energy shifts to the metal Rat on the twenty-fifth.

Your love relationship shows a change that could affect your home life. If you're dating, you may be asking someone to move in. And those Dog natives who are already in a love relationship may want to look at the chores list and divide it up differently.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope