Dragon Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Oh, bother! This month’s eclipses, while not stellar for you, are manageable. They’re manageable because you’re a Dragon, after all. The lunar eclipse shines light on your close personal relationships. Things always change, and it’s an opportune time to redefine notions. That means talk about the real possibility that you and a significant other don’t see things the way you used to.

It isn’t the best month to look for love. The good news is that an acquaintance can flower and be a good friendship. That in itself is nice.

Speaking of change, professionally, the solar eclipse doesn’t emphasize change so much as things at a standstill or, at best, a pause to realign for a month, especially in the 30 days following the phase. Actually, it’s an undercurrent for the remainder of the year. Direct action won’t be best. Get used to it.

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