Dragon Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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August is bright and refreshing. Communication encourages a new phase of expression. Reach out and be as open as you feel comfortable being, and then go just a bit further. Prepare to be amazed by the response.

Dragons looking for love can experience excitement and instantly be at ease with someone new. Take things slowly and avoid risking unnecessary early burnout before you get to know each other well enough to experience the good stuff. If it doesn’t work, you can value a lovely friendship.

Professionally, August is stellar in the 30 days that follow the July 31 new moon phase. It’s a five-star opportunity to show off skills and acquire even more. The secret to success is to also note that you have important decisions ahead. Start accumulating research and key notes about events now. They’re harbingers of the whole story, not just the little stuff. Think long term.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope