Dragon Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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As Jupiter changes signs at the beginning of the month, your focus shifts to health in body, mind, and spirit. You might start a new exercise regimen or take up meditation. Healthy foods grace your dinner table, and you feel renewed energy. Even as party invitations start coming in, you have the resolve to stick to your plan.

The full moon lights up one of your money areas, so you could receive some recognition at work around the middle of the month. It's good to suggest a salary increase to your manager so they can show their gratitude for your devoted service.

Around the time of the solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, you receive an insight or epiphany of some sort. Your mind is open to possibilities in the area of romance, ones you hadn't been able to recognize before. Someone from your past may knock on your door with an offer to start again. Luck in this area can come on December 29.

There could be a lot of time spent with children or younger relatives now. Pregnancy is also possible for you or someone close to you.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope