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July’s lunar eclipse is fortunate for your close personal relationships. Accent “we” time, as in the good listener is also a good communicator. Here, playing the role of the kindly head of the complaint department is better than starring as the complainer. Once the venting is over, declare a time-out for fun.

A spirited Horse responds with passion, but the approach fizzles out when looking for love in July. A slower pace works best this month.

Professionally, the solar eclipse (with a six-month influence) emphasizes activity behind the scenes. A lot is going on but on the back burner for everyone but the powers that be. The lack of information creates tension, especially in the 30 days following the phase. Avoid conflict, work hard, and focus on finishing projects. Speed isn’t your friend now. You’ll miss important details. Stay cool and you’ll accomplish a come-from-behind victory in many ways. (Sense a theme this month?)

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