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Jupiter enters a new sign on December 2, bringing you opportunities around your career. If you've wanted to work out of the home, you may get your chance. You also have luck with real estate transactions, as well as starting a business with a family member. Not everyone at home has your stomach for risk, so you may not be able to enlist the entire family in your plans, but you will find enough supporters to get started.

If you're in a love relationship, there is positive energy bringing the two of you closer together. Your communication is improving because you are both focusing on the positive and appreciating each other. There is good energy on the nineteenth for a date night or romantic evening.

December 25 brings the solar eclipse, causing you to be aware of choices leading to life patterns. There is no reason to repeat negative family patterns when there are so many positive ones. Family gatherings will give you lots of information. Look at your habits and make changes for the better.

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