Goat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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You enjoy the company of close personal relationships this month even if you aren’t having as much fun with domestic responsibilities. The best antidote when you want to run for greener pastures is to do so, and take your loved ones with you for a bit of fun.

Replace looking for love with enjoying flattery and casual flirtations, and even they may not be what you expected. This month, a Horse’s habit of not staying in one place very long is a good thing.

Professionally, “productivity” is the keyword in the 30 days that follow the September 28 new moon phase. “Cool,” says the spirited Horse who always seeks variety! This month, even problems have upsides and, surprisingly, you can build on the troubles. They also keep things interesting. Heads up! There’s a lot hidden in the snags. In this light, curiosity is the BFF of the mind during a five-star month. Take advantage of this golden chance to shine.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope