Goat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The full moon on September 1 falls in your area of habits. Over the next two weeks Horse natives may be changing how you do everyday things. You’re breaking out of an old pattern you've had for some time. Stepping out of a tight corral is challenging but exhilarating.

The somewhat contentious Rooster month begins on the fifth, and for the next four weeks activities at home and with the family will be eating up lots of time in your schedule. There could be birthdays or milestone celebrations, and while you won't be able to attend all of them, you’re always ready to send good wishes.

The full moon on September 17 and the two weeks following indicate it's time for a break. Find a few days in this period to take some time off. You need a fresh perspective, and the best way to get it is through a change of scenery.

Your high-energy day is the twenty-first, and relationship energy is strong. You may suggest to your partner that you get engaged or perhaps live together.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope