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There is a new job opportunity for you. Perhaps a headhunter calls or a former colleague invites you to join the company they now work for. Job negotiations are best done before Mercury goes retrograde midmonth.

Around the time of the full moon on February 8, a member of your extended family may come to you for help. It will be important to establish boundaries. Horse natives can be very generous, but that doesn't always help others in the long run.

Toward the middle of the month, several planets move into harmonious aspects with your Horse energy. A financial opportunity presents itself, but you may not be certain about taking it. The new moon on the twenty-third can shed some light on whether this is a viable option for you at this time. Keep in mind that you don't want to overextend yourself, especially while Mercury is retrograde.

A person from your past reaches out to connect with you as Venus squares Pluto toward the end of the month. This could be a past lover or a friend.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope