Horse Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The focus this month is on taking care of yourself and setting boundaries with others. Rabbit natives often focus on the best in others, but this month it’s all right to be on the receiving end of admiration from your friends and family.

July 4 brings the lunar eclipse and the beginning of the Goat month. You may be considering a new hairstyle or wardrobe, or perhaps you'll make a deeper connection in your relationship by getting matching tattoos with your partner.

Your love life is going well, though the two of you may have had little time for romance lately. The fourteenth is your high-energy day, and you can remedy this situation. Get ready for some lovemaking in the evening! For those Rabbit natives looking for love, consider swiping right on someone you find on this day.

July 20 brings the new moon and a desire to spend money. Consider something that helps make your life easier, such as a robot vacuum, or makes your life more comfortable, such as a new sofa. Splurging every once in a while can bring you joy.

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