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For Rabbit natives, January brings the completion of a career project or a job offer. You might be transferring to a new position or starting with a new company. January 5 brings the Ox month and energy around technology. This might be connected to your job or a hobby, and it looks like you're getting some new equipment, upgrading a phone, or learning more about your computer.

There is a new moon on the twelfth, and Rabbit natives are focused on relationships and partnerships. You might be interested in expanding a connection from an acquaintance to a business partnership or even an intimate love relationship. But as you transform this relationship, there can be stress on both sides as you adjust to new expectations. It's best to move slowly on this.

There's a full moon on January 28, and Mercury goes retrograde two days later. Rabbit natives may receive a financial windfall. This could be something small like a rebate check or something larger coming from the sale of a long-term investment. As you are in money mode, it's very good to consider looking at what other money opportunities may be lying around and ready for you to scoop up.

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