Horse Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The month begins on October 1 with the full moon elevated in your chart. You have career opportunities over the next two weeks. You may receive some recognition from a supervisor or an offer of a new job. If you own a business, it’s time to do lots of promotion and marketing.

The fifth brings the somewhat irritating energy of the Dog month, and for the next four weeks you feel like your list of things to do is much longer than usual. Others seem to be stepping up the pressure. You may have to set some boundaries for yourself and say no.

October 16 has the new moon lighting up your area of dwellings. You may be considering a move and looking around for a new place over the next two weeks. You might already be packing, or perhaps somebody is moving in or moving out.

Your lucky day is the thirtieth, and this is a good day to show off your talents by leading a meeting, auditioning, or singing karaoke.

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