Horse Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The month begins with an improvement in your relationships. People in your life are getting along better and are showing you some appreciation for the many things you do for them.

The energy shifts on May 5 with the beginning of the Snake month, and your vehicle or means of transportation may need some attention. Be flexible at this time about your choices, and consider calling in some favors if you need them.

The full moon on the seventh brings positive energy around children and fertility. This is also a good time to acquire a pet.

May 9 is a lucky day. Use this positive energy to send important correspondence.

From the tenth to the twelfth brings some interruptions in a pending loan or financial transaction. Try not to stress about it. The holdup will clear in a few days, but in the meantime, look at the paperwork to make sure everyone is in agreement.

The new moon on May 22 marks a period when you either need more sleep or some time alone. In the next week, try to sleep in once or twice and schedule yourself some quiet time.

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