Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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This month, you are quick out of the gate and making great progress on an important project. Keep it up and success is assured.

There is a lot of energy around finances this month. You can find an additional source of income through selling something, or perhaps a side business is starting to really pay off.

January 10 brings the lunar eclipse, and a person from your past may return with an apology. They may owe you something and now they're looking for your permission to get out of their obligation.

Some concerns at home are clearing up. Something you thought was going to be an expensive repair is actually easily fixed at little cost.

The year of the metal Rat begins on the twenty-fifth and ushers in some very harmonious energy for you. You seem to have more confidence, and you’re ready to step up to the plate for a turn at bat. Almost immediately you find people are listening to you and looking to you for guidance.

The universe is supporting your search for love. Get ready to meet some interesting possibilities.

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