Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Monkey native, you are the curious one of the Chinese zodiac, and you’re on the hunt for new information this month. The water Dragon month begins on April 4, and a new hobby has you fired up. You might be getting books or watching videos on the topic. Consider talking over your ideas with an expert via video chat.

The new moon is on the eleventh, and you are looking to have fun and maybe some adventure. This is a good time to try a new sport or do something from your bucket list. It's also a good time to find new things to do in your community and pretend you're a tourist for a while. Consider outdoor activities or something that has a little bit of risk involved, such as horseback riding, rock climbing, or inline skating.

The full moon is on April 26, and this is a good time to hone your abilities concerning all things magical and mystical. You might try your hand at palmistry, reading runes, or herbal magic. You could take an online course in any of these or find a century-old textbook to guide you.

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