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In August, “listening” is the keyword in close personal relationships. As the saying goes, try watching quietly and listening softly. The approach is a beneficial learning experience.

If looking for love, do everything in moderation. Be social and enjoy meeting new acquaintances, but don’t push for love in a long-term relationship. You risk building on a shaky foundation that doesn’t speak of the long term, not to mention fulfillment.

The July 31 new moon phase advises being prepared in the 30 days that follow. In this light, fasten your seat belt for the challenges and changes that await. Questions surface, and you should prepare and rehearse before responding with your answer. “I’ll get back to you on that one,” is a go-to response for all occasions. Do not forget. If you say it, do it ASAP or they’ll assume the worst, even if you mean well.

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