Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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July’s lunar eclipse bring things to light in your close personal relationships. The theme is: balancing act. The challenge for naturally entertaining Monkeys is to avoid thinking that charming people for five minutes a week fulfills their need for togetherness.

The past, through old friends or past lovers, highlights events if you’re looking for love. This also includes reconciling with the past as a positive mission to allow you to move on and go forward.

Professionally, a solar eclipse maintains acts as an understructure through the end of the year. Monkeys enjoy a good base even through upcoming twists and turns - as long as you don’t try to take things too far. For July, events are in your favor after another’s miscalculation in the 30 days following the phase. If you discover the error, it isn’t for gossip. It’s confidential to the proper person. Rewards and positive changes follow.

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