Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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This month, the focus is on resources from others, your investments, and how much you pay in recurring charges. Focus on plugging some of the holes where your money is draining out, and then more money can start to accumulate.

July 4 brings the lunar eclipse and the beginning of the Goat month. Your sex life could heat up considerably. For Monkey natives who are looking for love, your powers of attraction are very strong now. You may be pursued by more than one interested party. If you're already in a love relationship, it looks like dining and dancing are on the agenda.

A financial windfall may make its way to you as you take a small risk in a side business or by putting in extra hours at your regular job. The benefits can come to you around your high-energy day of the thirteenth.

The new moon falls on July 20, and you may feel renewed interest in a spiritual connection. There is synchronicity, and things are just falling into place. This is a good time to do affirmations, walk a labyrinth, or go on a vision quest.

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