Ox Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Love energy is strong this month. In fact, it could hit you like a lightning bolt. A person you’ve known for a while (and never had feelings for) suddenly seems like the most fascinating person in the world. This could get interesting.

Your vehicle needs your attention, and this may become apparent just as Mercury is going retrograde midmonth. If you can anticipate what it is, try to get it fixed before then. Or, if possible, delay any maintenance until next month.

There are some changes at home. You may be considering moving, or perhaps you're unpacking from a recent move. Trouble with a neighbor is also possible. Try to negotiate a happy outcome rather than turning this into a legal issue.

If you work at home, things are going well and you’re quite busy. Money is flowing in for Goat natives, but make sure you're staying within your budget and putting extra money toward your savings. You’ll have some investment opportunities later in the year and the cash will come in handy.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope