Ox Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The less significant others worry this month, the more you will. Never mind that you may stew unnecessarily. You’re just being protective. It’s a sweet thing to do, but perhaps you should consider asking your partner if they really are bothered about something and why—and how can you help?

October is a quintessential example of the idea of finding love when you stop looking and concentrate on other things. Since it isn’t the best month to look for love, why not give the theory a try?

Every fence has two sides, and the fence-sitter sits in the middle, refusing to make a decision. The thing is, if you stall, not wanting to offend anyone, you’ll miss making major strides in the 30 days that follow the September 28 Libra new moon phase. With your good eye for business, you have opinions, and chances are they’re spot-on, especially now. Lead and others will follow!

Monthly Chinese Horoscope