Ox Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Communication is surprisingly enjoyable in your close personal relationships. You have the opportunity to learn more about someone special, just as they see how special you are.

If looking for love, show interest if you’re attracted. How you respond to someone new alters the outcome. If the chemistry isn’t there or you question whether you’re suited for each other—but you like them—never underestimate the beauty of friendship.

Professionally, prepare the way for future increase in the 30 days following the July 31 new moon. You may feel that little happens no matter how hard you work, but keep on keeping on. Challenge yourself. Set high expectations that force you to think more deeply, learn more, and narrow your expertise to increase what you need to know in the months ahead. The above represents something upon which to build, and that is why it’s really a four-star month for you.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope