Ox Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Goat natives are often a bit risk averse, but the few bold steps you've taken over the last few months are starting to pay off in a material way.

The lunar eclipse on June 5, along with the beginning of the month of the Horse, shakes up your financial life. What begins as a possible interruption could lead to opportunities for profit in the future. New paths to wealth will be revealed over the next few months.

Mercury retrograde starts on the seventeenth, and the solar eclipse is three days later. This might change a friendship into something much more special. For those Goat natives already in a love relationship, this could make your current relationship more passionate behind closed doors.

June 24 marks a high-energy day for you. There may be lots of activity in and around your home. This could possibly mean new people in the neighborhood.

If your career is in sales, communication, teaching, or transportation, you have lots of job opportunities now. It's good to post your resume online or engage a headhunter.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope