Pig Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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October is alive with optimism and flexibility in your close personal relationships. The latter, courtesy of freeing schedules, allows time to experience more of the world around you.

It could be the beginning of a lovely romance if you’re a Pig looking for love. While you may not seem to have a lot in common with someone new, it still works!

Professionally, you break impasses during this four-star month. There are rewards for your efforts, which is why the rating is high in the 30 days that follow the Libra new moon. The sign, Libra, is kindhearted and sweet but judicial. It is the sign of the Scales, after all. You have to be the hero of this chapter if you wish to overcome the deadlock. A handy hint here is you have to backtrack so you can put it right before you can move forward. The snag happened at an earlier point.

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