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The quest in August is to replenish your close personal relationships through sharing. You can do it with a project or simply doing chores together. It’s about the time spent relating at work and/or play.

If you’re looking for love, exert what you’ll find to be fortunate energy and make new acquaintances. Many warm encounters exist outside your usual comfort zone. A new person—the right person—resonates with a similar sense of coziness and could be indicative of “the one” you’ve been waiting for.

Professionally, don’t worry if it seems like nothing is happening. A lot goes on behind the scenes in preparation for the fall season. For you, the work means an abundance of good things coming your way. Stay busy and do what you do best in the 30 days that follow the July 31 new moon phase. Address unfinished business so you can get it out of the way and make room for something new and interesting.

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