Pig Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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When January starts, Pig natives are working hard on financial matters. You might be completing some debt repayment this month, and you’ll soon have reason to celebrate. On January 5, the Ox month begins, and you're feeling quite restless stuck in your routines. You might have a sudden desire to buy a new car or take a trip, but this could blow the budget you’ve been working so diligently on.

There's a new moon on the twelfth, and a friendship in your life could transform into a love relationship. One little touch has your senses tingling. If you're already in a love relationship, it's good to look at your sweetheart in a new way. Do romantic little things and see what changes happen.

There's a full moon on January 28, and Mercury goes retrograde two days later. Pig native, this is the time to be finishing up some projects before the Lunar New Year in two weeks. Consider doing a big push and finishing your novel, dissertation, or charts for work. Put in the extra hours now and get everything ready for the new energy that's coming.

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