Rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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July’s lunar eclipse shines a brilliant, happy light on your close personal relationships. The month offers both clarity and depth, making it an up period for Snakes. The moments also hold auspicious promise for the future.

If looking for love this month, you cast a special spell. The chemistry is strong, and very possibly it has changed with someone you already know. Give things time. If it’s meant to be, it will last. There’s no hurry. It won’t go away.

Professionally, distance yourself (as best you can) from disruptive elements, especially in the 30 days following the solar eclipse. Because it’s a strong lunar/solar power, the energy remains viable, operating as an undercurrent of varying emotional tension for the remainder of the year. Close personal relationships are five-star for you now. Apply some of your extra-special understanding to those you see at work all week. Your efforts are worthwhile.

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