Rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The universe is offering you help this month, Snake native. Your angels and guides are waiting for your requests. The water Dragon month begins on April 4, and your psychic ability is very strong now. You’re already one of the most psychic of the twelve signs of the zodiac, but now you're picking up additional information for yourself and others. It would be a good time to do some journaling. And you might want to look into handwriting analysis.

The new moon is on the eleventh, and there is strong financial energy. You may pick up an additional source of income or find that an investment does very well. And while you naturally have a lot of business sense, it would be good to take your time making decisions regarding money. It isn’t necessarily a good idea right now to change banks or, if you have a business, credit card processing services.

The full moon is on April 26, and you could receive an important message from a sibling or close family member. This person might want to collaborate with you or need your assistance. A past hurt can be healed during this time.

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