Rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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“Interweaving” personalizes and makes things special. In your close personal relationships this month, you and significant others talk with open hearts. Sometimes open sharing is abundant, sometimes not, but these are moments to enjoy.

If you’re looking for love—because it’s a four-star month—you have a lovely opportunity to experience a connection of two people (you being one of them) who unite equally in that magical, elusive thing called a 50/50 partnership. An acquaintance or friend could be the source of an introduction, btw.

Professionally, October is about playing politics, in a good way (yes, it can be done). You’ve got to play or you have no say in what goes on if you ignore the dreaded games in the 30 days following the new moon phase. It can be advantageous—Da jing xi! (“Big surprise!” in Chinese.) You’ll play politics with wisdom and diplomacy, two things that may seem obsolete, but they work for you. Advantage, Snake!

Monthly Chinese Horoscope